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Luke Bryan

The name Luke Bryan has practically become synonymous with country music. The same person who started his career working in the shadows as a songwriter for other famous artists has now become an artist that is arguably more famous than many of the people he used to write for. He’s been active as a performer in the country music industry since 2001, but he didn’t release his first studio album until 2007. To date, he has released that and six more, for a total of seven studio albums. Here they all are, ranked from number seven down to number one. They all have a YouTube link attached to them so if you haven’t heard his music, now is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and do exactly that.

7. Crash My Party (2013)

This was the fourth album that Bryan created in the studio and while it received mixed reviews as far as critical acclaim is concerned, the fans couldn’t wait to buy it. In fact, the single on the song, which is also the title track, went to number one on the Billboard Country Music chart. Furthermore, more than 528,000 copies of the album were sold in the first week alone. By the time that 2013 was over, this album had become the third best-selling country album of the entire year. It was produced by Jeff Stevens and released on the Capitol Records album label, coming in at just over 44 minutes long. In addition to the title song, it also includes other popular songs such as “Drink a Beer” and “That’s My Kind of Night.”

6. Tailgates & Tanlines (2011)

Bryan’s third studio album was a very successful one for him. It was released during the summer of 2011 and billed as an album that was simply for fun, especially for those summer parties that ran late Into the night. There are 13 tracks on the album and Bryan himself either wrote or co-wrote eight of them. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Country chart but even more impressively, it debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200.During the first week of sales alone, the album sold 145,295 copies. Years later, in September of 2017, the album was certified quadruple-platinum, as it had sold more than four million copies. It also hit the album charts in Canada, something that is relatively rare for American country music artists. It’s a respectable length, at just over 47 minutes. It was released on Capitol Records and produced by both Jeff Stevens and Mark Bright. The title single on the album was “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).”

5. Doin’ My Thing (2009)

This was only the second studio album for Luke Bryan, but he was already making waves because he was changing things up as opposed to making another album that sounded more or less like another version of his first one. As opposed to sticking clearly with country, he included some country and pop songs so that there would be some crossover, including a cover song of “Apologize” that was originally performed by OneRepublic. The album also includes the single “Do I,” which made it to number 2 on the Billboard Country charts. Immediately after that, another single from the album was released called “Rain Is a Good Thing.” It went straight to number one on the charts and marked the first time that he had a number one single. The album, produced by Jeff Stevens on Capitol Records, also includes another single called “Someone Else Calling You Baby.”

4. What Makes You Country (2017)

This was Bryan’s sixth studio album and included songs such as the title track along with “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” and “Light It Up.” It also included another song entitled “Most People Are Good.” The album, which was released on the Capitol Records label, was produced by Jeff Stevens along with Jody Stevens. It is distinctly traditional country in nature and includes 15 songs, running at just over 55 minutes in length. Despite the fact that it includes practically every country music stereotype known to mankind, critics were surprisingly kind, often calling the songwriting hard to beat, even if it wasn’t the type of music that would appeal to everyone.

3. I’ll Stay Me (2007)

This was Bryan’s first studio album, released on Capitol Records. It included three singles that all eventually hit the top 40 on the Billboard Country Music charts. Those songs include “We Rode in Trucks,” “Country Man” and “All My Friends Say.” Perhaps the most interesting thing about this album is that there are 11 songs on the album and Bryan had a hand in writing 10 of them. It’s also considered a distinctly neotraditional country album, something that he hasn’t returned to since he did this one. Like his future albums, it was produced by Jeff Stevens. This particular album is somewhat shorter than many of his future projects, running at just over 44 minutes in length.

2. Born Here Live Here Die Here (2020)

This is Bryan’s seventh studio album, released right in the middle of a pandemic. Despite that fact, it has performed quite well. It is considerably shorter than the other albums, at only 33 minutes in length. That said, it’s an album that is still produced on Capitol Records by Jeff Stevens, the same combination that has been responsible for all of his other work. To date, there have been four singles released from the album which debuted at number five on the Billboard Country charts. Those singles include songs such as “Down to One,” “One Margarita,” “Knockin’ Boots” and “What She Wants Tonight.” During its first week alone, the album sold 65,000 copies. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, 48,000 of those copies were in direct album sales. The rest of the numbers came from digital downloads. The high number of album sales is largely because of the fact that a special edition album was released including additional tracks, six of them to be exact.

1. Kill the Lights (2015)

This is his fifth studio album and it is responsible for no less than five singles that made it to the number one spot on the Billboard Country AirPlay chart. This was the second time that Luke Bryan had managed to accomplish this feat and made him the first artist in history to have done so. The album, which is just over 46 minutes in length, was produced by Jeff Stevens along with Jody Stevens and released on Capitol Records. It includes singles such as “Home Alone Tonight” and “Strip It Down.”

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