The 10 Best Ty Dolla Sign Songs of All-Time

If you love Rap music, you might already be familiar with Ty Dolla Sign. He first came to prominence in 2010 and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Today, he is a successful performer.

He is also both a record producer and a songwriter. In fact, he has enjoyed a number of hits where he has acted in multiple roles. Whether he’s tackled the job of both crafting the song and performing it or it was written by someone else, he has had more than his fair share of hits.

He’s also collaborated with some of the biggest names in music (see if you can recognize them without reading the names when you click on a link). Here are 10 of them. See what you think.

10. Or Nah (2014)

For some, it can be hard to tell exactly what this song is about. The lyrics talk about him having a lot of money and smoking weed, but for the most part, they talk about his relationship status with his significant other. It remains to be seen whether the two of them will stay together or go their separate ways, as even he can’t seem to make up his mind on the matter.

9. The Business, Pt. II (2021)

If you think this is a song about the music business, think again. In reality, the lyrics actually focus on the rapper’s love life. He keeps referencing “getting down to business” like they have done so many times in the past. Apparently, he’s ready to take the relationship to another level and is trying to convince her to do the same thing.

8. Shell Shocked (2014)

Here you have a song that serves as a platform for telling someone off. Have you ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t stay quiet any longer? Maybe the same person has been berating you for some time and you’ve had enough.

Whatever the case might be, all of us have those moments where we finally lose our cool and let someone else know what we’ve likely been wanting to say all along. In this song, the storyteller does exactly that.

Rest assured, even the nicest person in the world will eventually tell someone off when they’ve been pushed far enough. You could consider this song a celebration of ridding yourself of all that baggage and moving on.

7. Sucker for Pain (2016)

This one seems to be talking about several different aspects of a relationship that may not be the healthiest for either person involved. The lyrics speak of not getting along.

More specifically, they talk about literally torturing one another and then almost immediately thereafter, trying to comfort each other. Then, the entire cycle stats again. It seems to be describing some type of abusive relationship that both people would be better off without.

6. Spicy (2020)

Many people consider this song to be one in which the raper sort of celebrates himself. You might think of him rapping about his professional (and some personal) successes.

For the most part, the lyrics in the song talk about money, girls and doing whatever he wants because he feels like nothing (and no one) can touch him. In a way, it could be said that the song is more about success going to one’s head more than anything else.

5. Think About Us (2018)

Surely you’ve had a relationship that didn’t turn out well, yet you still find yourself thinking about that person from time to time. If you have, then you can definitely identify with the lyrics in this song.

The rapper speaks about going to the club to meet girls, yet he never feels good about it because he’s always thinking about that one relationship that didn’t work out.

4. Willing To Trust (2022)

This is actually a very sweet love song. It’s all about loving someone so much that you trust them completely, even when you have previously had issues trusting people in general.

For anyone out there who struggles with trust issues, you know how hard it is to place complete trust in another person, especially when there is a chance that you will end up getting your heart broken. That being said, true love has a tendency to make you do things you would have never done in the past. That’s exactly what this particular song is about.

3. Paranoid (2014)

If you’re not exactly in the mood for a love song, this one might fit your mood better. It’s about partying and not trusting anyone. In fact, the person in the story is paranoid as can be, just like the title says. He can’t even enjoy himself at the club because he thinks all the girls are talking about him and sizing him up.

2. Late to the Party (2021)

Here you have what basically amounts to a confession of sorts. The storyteller talks about all the things he’s done in the past that have been wrong. He speaks of making poor decisions and hurting others, but then says he’s trying to change, even though he doesn’t see any real treason to do so. Eventually, he talks about being late in the game when it comes to growing up and treating others right. At least he’s aware.

1. Wavy (2015)

What exactly is this song about? It’s hard to tell. Is he talking about being on drugs or something else entirely? While the exact meaning of the song might be a bit ambiguous, the song itself is catchy. That fact is evidenced by the sheer popularity of it. If you’re in the mood to simply relax and listen, you should definitely check it out.

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  1. I really love enjoying to listen to Ty dolla music. Its just such a good vibe for me. Especially spicy him with Post malone are a great combo. Love your post they are very entertaining.

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