The 10 Best Tai Verdes Songs of All-Time

Tai Verdes enjoys an upward trajectory of fame as the native Californian, also known as Tyler Colon’s music gains popularity. He’s risen on R&B charts with his unique style. Verdes is a pianist and guitarist who also plays the ukelele and sings, writing his compositions. If you’re a fan, here are the 10 best Tai Verdes songs so far.

10. “Two Sugars”

Discotech ranks the song “Two Sugars” as the tenth most popular of the artist’s career to date. The hit single appears on his album “HDTV,” released in 2022. The lyrics extol the two things the singer finds the sweetest in his life as he sings “wheels hit the concrete,” but concludes with “I got two sugars (and that’s you, sugar).”

9. “Feeling This Bad Never Felt So Great”

This Tai Verdes song is a pop tune that appeared in his 2021 album titled “TV.” “Feeling This Bad Never Felt So Great” is a novel tune about a breakup and the bad feelings that go along with losing a lover, but the plusses of gaining freedom. It’s a mixed bag that shows how much relief you can get from taking a break from a volatile relationship, although he misses a few things about her.

8. “sheluvme”

“Sheluvme” is a breakthrough song, appearing in Verdes’ most recent album of 2022, “HDTV.” It’s making a good showing in the Alternative/Indie and Pop charts, Verdes explained that he penned the short song that lasts a little over two and a half minutes, to honor his best friend.

It’s a happy song that makes listeners feel good about the little things that mean so much when you’re with someone who loves you. This is an upbeat song about beautiful relationships and reminders about what makes your time together special.

7. “100 Sad Songs”

Top Charts includes the Verdes hit “100 Sad Songs in the top ten hits of his career. The song about dealing with heartache and a breakup is one that most people can easily relate to experiences in their own lives. The singer talks of listening to hundreds of sad songs as he leaves the situation and heads out of town. It’s a reflective and sad song, but it created a stir among Tai Verdes fans.

6. “3 Outfits”

“3 Outfits” is an uplifting love song that pulls at your heartstrings. The lyrics make the ultimate proclamation of the love a man can have for a woman. He’s so taken with his love that he wants photos of her in the three outfits to remind him of her when she’s not beside him. It’s hot and steamy and he reveals he wants her to have his babies. The hit single came out in 2022 on the “HDTV” album.

5. “Sheesh!”

Tai Verdes teams up with Surfaces to deliver an outstanding performance of this song. “Sheesh” appeared in his “Pacifico” album released in 2021. It made waves across the Alternative/Indie, R&B/Soul, Pop, and Country stations. The song is one of Verdes’ best crossover efforts. The song is still getting requests for airplay and regular streaming. It opened Tai up to multiple new audiences.

4. “Let’s Go to Hell”

“Let’s Go to Hell” appeared on Verdes’ “HDTV” album in 2022. It’s one of the mega hits from the album that’s continued to skyrocket his musical career to greater heights. It’s a racy song that casts him in the role of the tempter. The singer makes his bid to a lady for a good time, even if they both burn in hell. He compares her and himself to the devil and says he couldn’t be much worse.

3. “Real World”

PopNable ranks three other top ten hits, and the song “Real World” is among them. This is a song about a guy who didn’t graduate from high school with a poignant view of the pain and disappointment. It’s what he feels as he sees his friends get their diplomas. It’s a sad song that moves listeners.

It makes them want to make a difference for the kids who struggle with school. The singer talks about his dreams that nobody else sees. He asks that they’ll be patient with him. The lyrics are sad, alluding to hurt, feeling left out, and anger, but there are positives. This song makes you think twice before passing judgment on high school dropouts.

2. “Last Day on Earth”

“Last Day on Earth” is one of the biggest hits from Tai Verdes’ “HDTV album of 2022. The pop song asks the ultimate question of what comes after your last day on Earth.

Instead of spending the last day with friends and family, hugging and saying tearful goodbyes, the protagonist ponders items on his bucket list as though weighing their merit. He looked back and said, “I did my best man. I gave this thing a good try.” It’s not about regrets, but it does hang on to ambitions for success.

1.” A-OK”

The number one song for Tai Verdes is “A-OK.” It’s a collaborative effort with lyrics written by Tyler Colon, Adam Friedman, Goldkimono, and Brian Brundage. For Tai, the song is about sharing and trying to help others feel just a little bit better when all is not right in their world. The song came out on his “TV” album in June 2021.

A remix dropped featuring a duo with rapper 24Goldn in September of 2021. Tai shared that the song helped him feel “2% better,” and Verdes said he hoped it helped listeners in the same way.

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