The 10 Best My Morning Jacket Songs of All-Time

My Morning Jacket is an American band from Louisville, Kentucky. It was formed in 1998 and is still active, specializing in genres of Indie rock, psychedelic rock, jam, alternative country, art rock, Southern rock, and Americana.

Today the group members include Jim James, Bo Koster, Patrick Hallahan, Tom Blankenship, and Carl Broemel. Former members were Chris Guetig, Johnny Quaid, J. Glenn, and Danny Cash. The group has produced different songs and albums and graced many of the big music stages. Here are the best My Morning Jacket’s best songs of all-time.

10. O Is the One That Is Real

The song was released in 2004 as one of the short and sweet songs in the album 2004-06-12: Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN, USA. The song is about the perspective on life for people to see and hear it.

The writer wants one to pour their hearts out when in a relationship. Many people resonated with the song, making it famous. It stood at sixty-one on the US Billboard charts and twenty-five on the UK charts. The song was used as a soundtrack by movies such as The Departed.

9. Run it

Run it song was released in 2020 and featured in the album The Waterfall II. The song talks about someone who knows what kind of people he needs in his life. He knows he needs people who can bring positive vibes to his life, and he values them.

According to Tone start, the song gained a huge following, reaching number twenty-four on the Billboard charts. The song is still famous and is considered one of the best songs of My Morning Jacket. It has been used as a sound truck in films and movies like Resident Evil Extinction and The Professionals.

8. In Color

This song was released in 2021 and featured in the album My Morning Jacket. This song discusses the perspective on colors in life as a whole. It urges people to see what more life is offering rather than seeing the obvious things.

It became famous, reaching number forty-five on the Billboard charts. The song has been used as a soundtrack in various games, films, and TV series, such as Grand Theft Auto V, Up in the Air, Wreck-It Ralph, Planet Earth II, and Shameless.

7. Dondante

This song was released in 2005 as a lead track in the album Z. This song is known as a hit to many people. It’s a sad song that tells the perspective on the life of a person who has lost his lover.

He cannot get the image of the loved one in his mind and keep seeing the ghost everywhere he goes. It became popular and ranked number seventeen on the Billboard charts. This song has been used as a soundtrack in films such as The Soloist, A Beautiful Mind, and Minutes or Less.

6. Steam Engine

Steam engine song was released in 2003 and featured in the album It Still Moves. It’s a song about a person who believes that there is a power that controls everything in the world. He knows that energy is spiritual and controls everything in his life and beyond.

The song was a hit reaching number thirty-four on the Billboard charts. According to Paste, the song gained popularity reaching number eighteen on the Billboard charts. It was a soundtrack for movies like Star Trek Into Darkness and The Wolf of Wall Street.

5. The Way That He Sings

The track was released in 2001 and included in the album At Dawn. It is a love song expressing the wonderful feeling of love and affection. The writer is in love with the singing soul of his lover, who sings in a band. The song gained popularity being number seventeen on the Billboard charts. The song was used in films like Fast Five, Gangster Squad, and This is 40.

4. Feel You

Released in 2020, the Feel You song was a major track in the album The Waterfall II that was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. It is a love song where a man pours his heart out of what he wants from his lover.

All he wants is to feel his love. The song became a hit on the Billboard charts reaching number twenty-one on the Billboard charts. The song was used in movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Out of the Furnace as a soundtrack.

3. Golden

Golden is feel-good music from the album It Still Moves, released in 2003. In the song, the writer tells his loved one how he wants to spend his life with her. He wants to be with her every moment of his life, and even after death, he will always love her after enjoying their night out.

This was a famous track that ranked number twenty-five on the Billboard charts. In 2007 America made a cover of the song. The song was used as a soundtrack in movies like Fantastic Four and Alien 5.

2. Wordless Chorus

The wordless chorus from the album Z was released in 2005 as a lead son in the album. The song is about things in life that one needs to do. Every day, there is more to do, and time is not enough to do everything.

According to Giddy up America, the song became a household song and ranked number fourteen on the Billboard charts. The song has been used as a soundtrack in movies and films like Last Vegas, and I Love You, Man.

1. One Big Holiday

One Big Holiday song was another hit from the My Morning Jacket Live At 9:30 Club 08/16/2002 album released in 2002. It’s a sad song where the writer talks about a story of a stranger who wanted them to do as they were told and their life would be spared.

It became a hit and ranked number eleven on the Billboard charts. The song has been used in movies and films like Drive, Fast Five, and The World’s End.

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