10 Awesome Songs About Loneliness

Justin Bieber

We all feel lonely and distressed at some point in life. So the question is, how do you get your sparkle back? To many, music is a mood regulator. It’s an effective avenue through which they get to express their feeling, relax and activate their innermost happiness. But different songs will have different impacts on the listener. Essentially, songs about loneliness are a source of comfort. So here are ten great hits about loneliness that may not take away your blues but will make you feel at ease and give you hope.

10. Where Are U Now with Justin Bieber


The single is a 2010 release from the artist’s album ‘My World.’ It is about being there for that one person who offered a shoulder to lean on when you needed it most. The lyric features a lonely individual reaching out to that person they went on knees for and didn’t desert-like everyone else did during their time of need. It represents the true picture of what happens in real life, that we all have our down moments, and there are times when people will abandon you, but there will always be that one person who will stand with you no matter what. It’s a worth listening song when you feel alone.

9. Bob Dylan’s song ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’


This is a 1975 release by Bob Dylan. It is the fifth single from his 1974 album ‘Blood on the Tracks.’ It’s believed that the song was inspired by Dylan’s failed marriage and partially by his affair with then-girlfriend Ellen Bernstein. However, Dylan declined these allegations in a Rolling Stone interview.

8. How Soon is Now? – The Smiths


Ever felt incompetent? Here is a song that will likely change how you feel about yourself. In this track, Morrissey and Jonny Marr (the songwriters) express how being shy contributed to feeling less, making connecting with the outside world somewhat impossible. We all feel imperfect in one way or the other. Even the phrase ‘no one is perfect’ may not make any difference, but this track may trigger self-love, changing the opinion you’ve always had about yourself. It’s a single released in 1984 by The Smiths from Hatful of Hollow album.

7. So Lonely’ by The Police


So Lonely’ is the third and final track from the Outlando’s d’Amour album by The Police. The English Rock band released this believed to be the upbeat lonely song in November 1978. The chords are inspired by ‘No Woman No Cry’ by Bob Marley. If you’re a reggae fan, this may be the best hit to blow away your blues, especially when feeling heartbroken.

6. Tired of Being Alone by Al Green


Penned by Al Green and released in 1971 is this excellent hit of all time, ‘Tired of Being Alone.’ The track is from Ai Green’s third studio album ‘Al Green Gets Next to You’ and gained popularity after its release. While there are later covers, Green’s version charted on Billboard Hot 100, reaching no. 11, and taking the 7th position on the Soul Singles Chart. The best songs are visualized when asleep are words echoed by Al Green, as that’s what happened with this hit which happens to be his breakthrough. It’s a perfect song when you feel like it’s time to seek love and end your lonely life.

5. Lonely’ by Tom Waits


Breakups can leave you feeling weary, sad, and all alone. That is the right moment to hark this hit- you never know, perhaps you’re still in love. Lonely’ is a track released in 1973 by Tom Waits. In the song, this American singer-songwriter admits that the breakup was unpredictable. He further claims to still be in love. We all feel alone after a split-up. There’s always an emotional void. However, a superb ballad like this will soothe the heart and normalize your emotions.

4. Drive – The Cars


Here is a pop song released by The Cars in 1984 from their Heartbeat City album. The single is believed to be their signature track. While people have different interpretations of the song, the singer’s observations are somewhat true. It features a woman assumed to have no one in her life and goes deep into questioning who will be there for them when they scream or drive them home. It’s funny how people can analyze your life and presume that you’re not in any relationship, especially when you often show up alone at a party or out for dinner. This song was released in 1984 and has been an excellent piece to listen to during those lonely moments.

3. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry track by Hank Williams


Penned and recorded by Hank Williams in 1949, ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ is believed to be among the best American hits ever written. Many artists have covered William’s version. Regardless, this American country music version is among the most recognized lonely songs.

2. Empty Streets” by Late Night Alumni


This single was released in 2005 by the Late Night Alumni group. The lead single is from their album, also titled ‘Empty Street.’ It features a lonely girl taking her walks down an empty street reflecting about her love life and can’t stop wondering when the person she loves will reciprocate her love. The possibility of the person not being in love seems to worry her. If you ever loved someone who seems not ready to give love back, then this song is relatable.

1. Another Lonely Night” by Adam Lambert


Another Lonely Night is one of the Adam Lambert songs that received a positive reception in the US. The single charted under the US Dance Club Songs reaching position three on the Billboard charts. It’s one of the hits in which Lambert got a chance to showcase his powerful vocals. Listen to this song whenever memories of your ex-lover tend to fill your heart and mind making it hard to let go.

Key Take Away

We are social beings. This explains why the feeling of being alone gets us more terrified. But, the scary feeling is universal. No wonder most artists are inspired to write songs about loneliness. Some songs are meant to evoke the listeners’ minds to make a bound decision during that moment that will transform their lives. Others are aimed at giving hope and a reason to hold on. So, whatever the situation, there’s always a great song suited for the moment. Above are some of the best hits to enjoy when feeling lonely.

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