The 10 Best Charlie Daniels Songs of All-Time

Charlie Daniels is one of the most iconic and influential country artists in history. His songs are known for their rebellious spirit, patriotism, traditionalism, and southern rock sound. He has an extensive catalog of hits that spans over 50 years. The following list details the 10 best Charlie Daniels songs ever recorded:

10. Sweet Louisiana (1976)


In this patriotic anthem, Charlie Daniels preaches unity among Americans and perseverance in the face of adversity. The song was made with a broader audience in mind featuring more rock than country-style balladry and Southern grit, polished off for most listeners who are not native to that region of the United States. The country is in turmoil and Daniels responds with a song that encapsulates the mood of America during this tumultuous era.

9. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (1979)


This song, released in 1979, had a lot of success during the early 1980s. The song is about one man named Johnny who makes a bet with Satan on his golden fiddle as to whether he can beat him at writing and playing music for 24 hours without any sleep. If Johnny wins, then the Devil has to give back $1000 that was stolen from Johnny’s father. If the Devil wins, then he gets his gold fiddle back and gets to keep all of the souls that Johnny has won during their bet for 24 hours The song peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in 1980. The song was a major success and is still popular today with its catchy tune and fun lyrics.

8.the Legend of Wooley Swamp (1980)


This song has been a crowd-pleaser for 40 years, and it still stands as one of the best. The song tells a story about outlaws who were shot in their sleep by vigilante lawmen for committing heinous crimes against the people living close to Wooley Swamp. The music is great, but what really makes this tune so special are those lyrics that paint such an engaging picture of life on the wrong side of the law. The lyrics are catchy and memorable, which is why this song still gets played on radio stations across America today. The Legend of Wooley Swamp has been a hit with people who played on the radio to this day.

7. Long Haired Country Boy (1974)


This song was written by Charlie Daniels and his then-wife, Linda. The lyrics are a tribute to the hippie movement that started in 1967 after reports of the Summer of Love were heard on national television. It’s also an ode to long hair which became popular among rock stars as well as country artists like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. The lyrics tell the story of a boy who can’t stand to cut his hair because he’s just too cool.

6. The South’s Gonna Do It Again (1974)


Charlie Daniels released his album ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ in 1979. It became a global sensation, with the title track reaching No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and winning Charlie his first Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance Male. “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” is a 1974 song that was released as the B-side to Daniels’ “Texas Troubadour.” The song became popular on its own, and Charlie rerecorded it for his 1979 album. With lyrics like “Every day I live in shame” and references to the Civil War, this song has a lot of Southern imagery. It also celebrates all sorts of music from that region, including contemporary bands we know today.

5. Uneasy Rider (1973)


The next song on the list is Uneasy Rider, which Charlie Daniels wrote and released as a single in 1973. The lyrics of this song talk about an American who says he’s going to “ride his motorcycle through all 48 states.” That sounds like it could be pretty tense. This song has been covered by many artists over the years, but it was originally released by Charlie Daniels. This song is about “troubles” on the road and how you need to know when to get off of your motorcycle because there’s always a time where it will break down. The lyrics talk about deciding when you should give up on having a good life with those you love. The lyrics imply that you need to choose whether or not to keep riding on and hope for the best or stop where you are to live a good life with those who care about you most.

4. In America (1980)


The song is about the importance of being patriotic to one’s country. Daniels uses this song in a lot of his concerts. In America by Charlie Daniels is a song about patriotism that touches on how different people can unite for one common cause: their love of our great nation. The majority of Americans (regardless of background) share an appreciation for freedom which binds us together as citizens under its banner. This track from his 1980 album “Full Moon” has become a bluegrass standard, with renditions by many other artists. The song is about the importance of being patriotic to one’s country. Daniels uses this song in a lot of his concerts.

3. Still in Saigon (1982)


The third song on our list of The Ten Best Charlie Daniels Songs of All-Time is Still in Saigon. This country-rock song was one of the most popular singles from his album, The Devil Went Down to Georgia and it’s easy to see why. It tells a story about a soldier who falls in love with an Asian woman while stationed in Saigon. The woman becomes pregnant and the two of them plan to get married after he gets back home from his tour overseas during the Vietnam War. In his absence, she gives birth to a daughter they call Kimmy Sue (after her father). Shortly before returning home, Still in Saigon was released as an upbeat, cheerful song for the soldiers fighting overseas. The lyrics are now an emotional description of his daughter’s birth and eventual death from spinal meningitis at age three. Despite being one of his saddest songs, it is also one of Charlie Daniels’s most popular recordings ever.

2. Mississippi (1979)


The opening track of his third album, 1979’s “Million Mile Reflections” tells the story of a man trying to convince his woman that he was in Mississippi. Daniels sings about how they’ll be happy there together and won’t have to worry anymore. It also includes an acoustic guitar solo from Ronnie Dunn and is one of the more light-hearted songs on this list. The lyrics are about a man trying to convince his woman that they should go live in Mississippi together, and how happy they would be there without having to worry anymore. The song also includes an acoustic guitar solo from Ronnie Dunn.

1. Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye (1985)


Number one in our list of the best Charlie Daniels songs is Drinkin’ My baby goodbye. The song was originally recorded in 1985 and released on his album, “Songs From The Longleaf Pines”. The lyrics of this catchy tune tell a story about how drinking whiskey helps him forget an old love that he’s lost forever. The verses are sung in the first person but the chorus is sung in the third person as if to represent that those who are remembering this old love themselves. In the song, Charlie sings about how he met a woman and fell head-over-heels for her – but she was not interested in him. The memories of his lost romance make it impossible for him to let go because she was the only one. The chorus in this song is by far its most memorable part – it’s a catchy and upbeat tune that everyone can relate to because we’ve all felt lost love before.

There you go, the 10 best Charlie Daniels songs of all time.

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