The 10 Best Lita Ford Songs of All-Time

LIta Ford

Countless rock goddesses have and will continue to enchant audiences throughout time. Girls leaven amps, guitars, and drum kits into the most magical soundscapes. Lita Ford has taken rock music to an extra level, with a remarkable grasp on the guitar and the bass racket. Ford’s volcanic vocals also added a feminine touch to a slick masculine sheen. You may not know who Lita Ford is or what she has done, but they have most likely heard her songs over the years. These are the ten best Lita Ford songs of all time:

10. Fallin’ In and Out of Love


“Fallin’ In And Out Of Love” was released in 1988, under the album Lita. It is the third solo that appears on the top ten Lita Ford Songs list from this collection, and so far, it is the most successful solo album in her career. According to Townsquare Media’s ranking of top 5 Lita Ford Songs, “Fallin’ In And Out Of Love” comes in the second position.

9. Back to the Cave


Produced in 1988, “Back to the Cave” was written by Lita Ford, Mike Chapman, and David Ezrin and pulled from the album named Lita. Its memorable lyrics are hard to get out of your head. Back to the Cave packs a cool groove combined with a hot bassline and catchy guitar riff by Lita Ford.

8. Gotta Let Go


“Gotta Let Go” by Lita Ford was released in 1984 on her second solo album, Dancin ‘On The Edge. Aldo Nova is the player behind the keyboards on the record. It includes an outstanding guitar sound from the early 80s, making “Gotta Let Go” one of the best Lita Ford songs of all time. The video is marvelous, and you cannot afford to miss it.

7. Hit and run


“Hit and Run,” also released on LP Dancin ‘on Edge by Lita Ford. The highlight of this song is the interruption of the recording in the middle and the outstanding guitar solo by Lita Ford. It explains why she is considered the rock goddess of the ’80s.

6. Close My Eyes Forever


“Close My Eyes Forever” is a hit single written by Lita Ford and Osbourne in 1989 and features in the album dubbed Lita. Although it has some moving lyrics exploring love and death and how they might relate, the duo was not in deep thoughts when writing this song. This hit came about as a mistake. It resulted from a night of getting stoned and drinking while hanging around in the recording studio. However, “Close My Eyes Forever” remains one of the most successful songs by Lita Ford, reaching number eight on the billboard HOT 100 in the US.

5. Playing with fire


The song “Playing With Fire” was released in 1991 on Ford’s Dangerous Curves album. While its keyboard introduction follows the artist’s introductory guitar licking, this song is reminiscent of the classic Journey. High production costs of “Playing With Fire” differ from the dark muddied sounds of the grunge movement raging when “Dangerous Curves” was released.

4. Black widow


The song “black widow” was a big hit that Lita Ford released in 1991, under the Dangerous Curves album. It was written by Ford, produced by Tom Werman, had David Ezrin as the keyboardist, and Joe Taylor as the guitarist. The song tells the story of a woman who kills her unfaithful lover to teach him a lesson about being loyal. Punches to the guitar lines when attacking and percussion keyboard opening make “Black Widow” one of the best Lita Ford songs of all time. Her vocals are sensual yet hard. It is an entertaining track that is well-produced, and its lyrics still resonate with the audience today.

3. Living like a runway


Produced in 2012, “Living Like a Runaway” is the fourth song from the album with the same name. The lyrics tell the story of someone who feels like they are running away from their problems and highlight the need for taking charge and living one’s life to the fullest. It can serve as a universal anthem for anyone who feels trapped by their circumstances and wants to live their best life.

2. Shot of poison


The “Shot of Poison” was released on Lita’s fifth album: Dangerous Curves. It is catchy, with a fast punk feel comprising cool drum beats and guitar riffs. Although this song did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100, it is one of her most popular songs and has been covered by other artists. “Shot Of Poison” was also nominated for the Grammy Award in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1993. Written by Lita Ford, the lyrics are about a relationship gone wrong, so this is the perfect song for angry people to blast in their cars on the way to their ex’s house. It is keyboard-oriented, fueled by major chords, and features sweet-sounding guitar works.

1. Kiss me deadly


Released in 1988, “Kiss me Deadly” was a big hit single that first featured in Lita Ford’s third solo album (Dancin’ On the Edge). According to Classic Rock History, Lita Ford proved that she took no prisoners with her badass opening lyric. “Kiss me Deadly” was written by Mick Smiley and is a fantastic introduction to Lita’s vocals. This first single from the album hit number 12 on the US Billboard Top 100 Mainstream pop charts and takes you to unforgettable synth sounds. Lita says that this particular song means so much because it’s about a time when she needed to defend herself against someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Lita Ford is the ultimate rock and roll bad girl, with a powerful voice, killer guitar skills, and an attitude that would make even the most seasoned player blush. The rock and roll singer born in La Mesa, California, is known for her high vocal range, holding more than 24 gold records, and winning the prestigious Grammy Award. Selecting ten songs off Ford’s list of songs is not easy, but her early 80’s hits like “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Close My Eyes Forever” have remained on top of the records for decades. If you are looking for inspiring rock music, the ten best Lita Ford songs on this list will leave you feeling empowered.

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