The 10 Best Jacob Collier Songs of All-Time

Jacob Collier is an English singer-songwriter who became well-known when his video covers went viral on YouTube. However, interested individuals should know he is no fad. After all, Collier has won a Grammy for each of his four studio albums. That is impressive by any reasonable standard. Collier stands out even more because he is the first British artist to establish this streak.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Jacob Collier songs released so far:

10. “All Night Long”

Collier’s career started because of non-original songs. As a result, it seems reasonable to include some examples on this list. One of Collier’s best arrangements is “All Night Long,” which interested individuals should be most familiar with because of Lionel Richie’s original from 1983. It gets the nod because it earned the man a Grammy.

9. “Flintstones”

Speaking of which, “Flintstones” is another Grammy-winning arrangement. The original would be the theme for The Flintstones, which broke barriers by becoming the first cartoon to occupy a prime-time slot on U.S. TV in the 1960s. Nowadays, the franchise has retired from the spotlight. However, interested individuals should know The Flintstones was once the single most successful cartoon until The Simpsons came along. Regardless, Collier’s version is enjoyable, as shown by its Grammy.

8. “Saviour”

Excessive expectations can be corrosive to relationships. After all, they make it easy for one partner to start treating the other as someone they are not. “Saviour” describes a relationship that seems doomed to fail because of a fundamental mismatch between the two sides.

7. “Sky Above”

“Sky Above” was written with ambiguity in mind. That way, everyone could have personal interpretations of the song. It isn’t hard to imagine how this kind of thing can go wrong. Fortunately, “Sky Above” struck a fine balance, thus enabling it to achieve its stated goal without collapsing into meaninglessness. Some people think the lyrics are about the freedom to strike out on one’s own without being forced down a predetermined path. Other people talk about how the narrator’s intensifying curiosity is driving him to ask more and more questions about the world around him. The nature of the song means one interpretation can be as valid as another.

6. “Hajanga”

Amusingly, “Hajanga” doesn’t give interested individuals enough context to guess what the title means, even though it is critical to the song as a whole. Moreover, Collier has never offered a clear answer when asked directly. That said, interested individuals should know it has been claimed that “Hajanga” means “healing” in Malagasy, which is an Austronesian language spoken by the people of Madagascar. It is unclear how true this claim might be.

5. “Bakumbe”

“Bakumbe” is often considered part of a pair with “Hajanga.” Primarily, that is because they have an upbeat feel and an uplifting message. However, “Bakumbe” seems to have a made-up word for a name, which is also something it might share with its counterpart.

4. “Hideaway”

In some ways, “Hideaway” is rather reminiscent of a love song. After all, the narrator is addressing someone for whom he has feelings. That said, the song is as focused on the titular location as anything else. It seems safe to say that this place isn’t 100 percent physical. Instead, what matters is its ability to convey impressions of safety, security, comfort, warmth, and welcome. All of these combine to make the titular location a shelter from the woes of the world.

3. “Moon River”

Interested individuals might recognize “Moon River” as another of Collier’s arrangements. Those unfamiliar should know the original came from Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. In those days, “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar. Despite this, the song isn’t necessarily associated with the legendary actress, if only because hundreds of other artists have released their recordings.

Collier’s version is one of the giants standing head and shoulders above the rest. For proof, consider how he also won a Grammy for this arrangement. As for “Moon River,” one of the reasons for the song’s enduring popularity is its ability to resonate with listeners in generation after generation. It isn’t a particularly complicated song. Even so, it is easy for people to connect with the idea of striking out in pursuit of love despite knowing all of the ways such efforts can end.

2. “He Won’t Hold You”

Loneliness has a disastrous effect on people. This isn’t an exaggeration. Scientific studies have proven that loneliness reduces a person’s expected lifespan while lowering their quality of life by increasing their chances of experiencing a wide range of physical and mental health issues. Due to this, it makes sense that many people have written songs about this state of being. “He Won’t Hold You” is one of them. Specifically, it is one of the better explorations of loneliness released in recent times, which is no small feat considering the number of its counterparts. Interested individuals can also take it as a lament for a lost relationship. Something most people can sympathize with to some extent.

1. “Sleeping On My Dreams”

“Sleeping On My Dreams” is also a song about the end of a relationship. However, it is undoubtedly more positive than its counterpart. That is because the narrator isn’t the one who is feeling broken up about it coming to an end. Instead, he is downright looking forward to it because he feels that the relationship has been holding him back from achieving everything he should be capable of achieving. As such, there is a profound sense of liberation to the whole thing that is transformative to hear.

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