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Mac Miller was not only a highly talented musician and artist in general but an inspiration to so many. Being one of a few rappers that actually succeeded in starting a career in rap music while still in school. Although Mac Miller accomplished many things in his career and early in life, it unfortunately ended early as well. The Pittsburgh artist was found dead from an accidental overdose in his home on September 7th 2018. Although the artist passed, a final album was released from work the artist had already put in t0ward it. We’ll go over all of his official released below in our Mac Miller albums ranked list.

9. Swimming

Swimming was the first album that Mac Miller released after the funky, emotion-filled album The Divine Feminine. That funk and emotion from Swimming was transformed here for more of an exploration on heartbreak and internal struggle. Swimming was the last full-length the artist released while he was still alive.

8. Circles

Circles is the posthumous release of Mac Miller, released two years after his death. Although posthumously released, Mac Miller had already put the work into an album’s work. With his family’s approval, Circles was officially finished and released. Some such as Everybody resonate harder than any other with fans over its almost relevant lyrics to the artist’s passing, unfortunately. In honor of Circles and Swimming there is a double box set of the albums on vinyl called Swimming In Circles.

7. The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine was much different for Mac Miller compared to other albums from the artist as it featured a very heavy R&B vibe and influence throughout. Much like Swimming and Circles, this album featured many brass instruments and jazz influences. While these elements were on all of the stated releases, the artist included the elements more predominantly on here. The Divine Feminine earned its placement on our Mac Miller albums ranked list due to its lack to keep up with older releases in terms of energy.

6. Macadelic

Macadelic was not released as an album, as it was Mac Miller’s seventh mixtape. However, like a few other albums listed on our Mac Miller albums ranked list are actually mixtapes but gained commercial success. Generally the album featured more psychedelic type compared to the usual hip-hop beat for the artist’s older music.

5. Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever was yet another mixtape from the artist included on our Mac Miller albums ranked list that got the commercial treatment some time later. The mixtape separated itself from the rest of the artist’s mixtape-gone-album releases as it gave off a single general vibe. Usually mixtapes are more of a collection of songs from different producers and while that is exactly what this is, the general vibes make this album feel like an album though and through.


GO:OD AM was still classic in the way all Mac Miller’s albums were but GO:OD AM combines the newer and older styles of the rapper into one completely solid album. While songs like Rush Hour feature a slower Mac Miller composition, overall the album feels like a sequel to Watching Movies with the Sound Off but it was obvious upon release the artist has grown in many ways.

3. K.I.D.S.

KIDS was the first release of several albums included on the list that are actually mixtapes originally but were given enough attention to be given freedom as more than just a mixtape and be available to be streamed on platforms such as Spotify. KIDS features some of Mac Miller’s most adolescent lyrics but also showcased the rapper’s skill more than any other mixtape from the artist.

2. Blue Slide Park

Blue Slide Park was Mac Miller’s debut album and featured generally uplifting songs but in classic fashion from the artist, also touched on a bit of emotion and loneliness. Following the success of a few mixtapes and local success, Mac Miller absolutely pulled all the stops out with Blue Slide Park and represented his hometown of Pittsburgh in every bar possible. Blue Slide Park earned its placement as second on our Mac Miller albums ranked list due to how it proved the rapper’s abilities in every way.

1. Watching Movies with the Sound Off

Watching Movies with the Sound Off is without a doubt Mac Miller’s smartest and most tripped out album to date. Just the complexity of the album alone earned this album its placement as first on our Mac Miller albums ranked list. Although the artist admitted struggles with addiction at this time in his life, he did a damn good job at transferring his struggles into music. Mac Miller experimented the most with this over any other release but the album flows so well that you’d never know.

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