The 10 Best Mac Miller Songs of All Time

Mac Miller

Mac Miller was an American record producer and rap artist. He became a sensation in hip hop while he was still a teenager. The Pittsburgh rapper had a short but notable career. He was born Malcolm James McCormick but took the stage name Mac Miller. He passed away in Studio City, California on September 7, 2018. He left numerous songs that his adoring fans still embrace. Here are the 10 best Mac Miller songs of all time ranked from worst to best.

10. “Diablo”

“Diablo” is exceptionally rhythmic with smooth even rhymes that take on a serious note. The infusion of jazz beats and horns is a brilliant addition in the background. This song is well orchestrated and arranged. It’s easily one of Mac Miller’s top ten songs ever released. He’s right when he says he never misses a beat. This song was a true work of art for Miller.

9. “Fight The Feeling”

We can’t argue with 44 million views on YouTube. “Fight The Feeling” lightens things up a little bit and even gives us a sense of hope. The lyrics are tight and follow a flow recounting ups and downs including criticisms. The words also allude to a realization that he owes something to the young kids, and feels like sometimes he’s an idol and other times he’s less than a stellar role model. This project included Kendrick Lamar, which was a good move for Mac Miller, career-wise. This song was the most upbeat track on the album. It was well-placed.

8. “Funeral”

“Funeral” is a song that had to be included in this list of his best ten songs of all time. Mac Miller gives us a few clues into his perspective on living life like it’s your last day and his repeat of the phrase over and over again rive that point home. It leaves no doubt about his ongoing drug use and that he acknowledged it was his solution to boredom. Most drug users know that there are risks involved with taking street drugs and like so many other songs in his repertoire, it was almost predictive of what took his life in the end.

7. “That’s Life”

Screen Rant ranked this one number 10, but we moved it up to the seventh position. This was the last song released as a single with Sia. The song wasn’t released until after his death. It’s ironic that he shares the pain of his mother’s issues with drugs, and that this was the thing that ended up taking his life, but it was accidental. “That’s Life” viewed the issues we experience as pretty much just the norm, and everyone has something to deal with.

6. “Blue World”

“Blue World” dropped in his “Circles” album. This was the last album that would be released by Miller and when you listen to it now, it seems to have a more intense punch. Mac talked about not being afraid and not falling in line. When he said “we’ll all get by,” it seemed to be prophetic. Those of us who know about his ups and downs and the tough time he had dealing with depression realize that he fought against the “blue devils,” but sometimes they do win. Miller had a way of hooking his listeners and bringing them into his world. He was good at that.

5.” Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza”

Some would place this song as Mac Miller’s number one hit of all time, and we wouldn’t argue, but it’s not my favorite, although it’s close. What made this song stand out was the video that let us see who Mac Miller is inside. He was a cool guy with a good sense of humor.

4. “Come Back To Earth”

We all do things we regret in life. “Come Back To Earth” offers a look at the reflections that go through our minds when we’re trying to go against the stream. It resonates with us when we’re trying to find a measure of success in our lives, and it seems impossible. Sometimes it feels like it’s all going against you. Miller made us think about that with this song. There are even allusions to neighbors who are strangers who could have been friends.

3. “Woods”

“Woods” is a song that Mac Miller fans can relate to easily. It didn’t come out until after his death on the “Circles” album. ‘”Woods” inspires you to look inside yourself. It’s something that has even greater meaning now, and it challenges us to stay hopeful even though our emotions can get all jumped up inside. Sometimes you have to take a little quiet time for yourself. “Woods” doesn’t make you feel light and happy, but it gives us just a glimpse into what Miller may have been feeling in his last days.

2. “Best Day Ever”

“Best Day Ever” is a classic Mac Miller song. It received its share of criticism when it first dropped, but Sputnik Music supports our stance that it was a brilliant piece of work. It dropped early in his career. In retrospect, it didn’t get the attention or respect it deserved, and it’s a more upbeat song that helps lighten the load just a little.

1. Self-Care

The song “Self-Care” received 330 million views on YouTube. After the death of Mac Miller, this song became one of the most frequently listened to songs on the venue. Perhaps it was the irony of the title that drew more fans than ever to listen to it. Mac Miller departed the earth far too young.

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