10 Awesome Songs about Superstition

Black Cats

Superstition is an act of faith in the supernatural. It is believing in something without evidence. Superstitious people often believe in bad luck and good luck. They may carry lucky charms or avoid certain activities because they believe it will bring them bad luck. Many famous artists have written songs about superstition. They try to capture the feeling of being afraid of the unknown or believing in something without evidence. Some of these songs are about specific superstitions, such as black cats or breaking mirrors. Others are more general, about the feeling of being afraid of what might happen if you don’t follow the superstitions. Whether you believe in superstitions or not, these songs are sure to make you think about them.

10. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell


The song is about a man who is paranoid that someone is watching him. He looks in the mirror and sees someone else looking back at him. He is afraid that the person is going to kill him. The song could be about paranoia in general, or it could be about a specific superstition. Either way, it is a great song about being afraid of what might happen if you don’t follow a superstition.

9. Superstition – Stevie Wonder


This is one of the most famous songs about superstition. It is about all of the different superstitions that people believe in. Wonder sings about black cats, ladders, and broken mirrors. He also talks about how people are always looking for lucky charms. This song has been featured in many movies and tv shows. According to Nusicgrotto, It is a classic that always seems to make people smile. Superstition was released in 1972 and was a huge hit. It won Stevie Wonder several Grammy Awards and is still one of his most popular songs.

8. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes


This is a more punk rock take on superstition. The song is about how the singer does not believe in any of the superstitions. He thinks that they are all ridiculous and does not understand why people believe in them. It is a very upbeat song and is very catchy. It is one of the band’s most popular songs. The song was written by Gordon Gano and was released in 1983 on the band’s self-titled debut album. It features a fast-paced guitar and drumbeat with Gano’s punky vocals. The lyrics are full of irony and sarcasm.

7. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers


Bill Withers’ classic tune Ain’t No Sunshine is a great example of a song about superstition. The lyrics talk about the feeling of being watched, which is a common superstition. The song also talks about the sun not shining, which could be interpreted as a bad omen. When the song was released, it became a huge hit and is still popular today. It has been covered by many artists, including Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

6. You’ve Got a Friend – Rene Froger


Rene Froger’s song You’ve Got a Friend is about the power of friendship and how it can overcome superstition. The lyrics talk about how a friend is someone who will always be there for you, no matter what happens. The song is a great reminder that we all need someone to rely on and that friendship is one of the strongest forces in the world.

5. I Wonder – The Gants


You can hear the excitement in the opening seconds of this song. It’s as if The Gants are about to let us in on some great secret – and they do. Over a breezy, jangly guitar riff, the band sings about all the different superstitions that people believe in, from black cats to magpies. It’s a fun, upbeat tune that will leave you wondering about the things you take for granted. It is a song that encourages people to think about the things they believe in and why they believe them. It also shows that there is often more than one side to every story.

4. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon – Urge Overkill


This song is about a woman who is about to become a mother. The lyrics talk about the amazing changes that she will go through, and how she will be able to handle everything with grace and strength. According to Wikipedia, The song is also about how the woman will be able to teach her child the ways of the world, and how to be a good person. The lyrics are very positive and uplifting, and the song is a great reminder of the strength of women.

3. Lucky Man – Emerson Lake & Palmer


This song is about a very lucky man. He has everything that he could ever want or need, and he knows it. He is so lucky that he even has a superstition about it. The superstition is that if he were to ever tell anyone about his good luck, it would all disappear. He knows that it is just a superstition, but he still believes it. It’s a song that’s more about believing in oneself than it is about actually believing anything, but it can be therapeutic when you want to unwind and not worry.

2. Lord of the Thighs – Aerosmith


Aerosmith has penned a song about being superstitious, making her one of the most superstitious musicians of all time. According to Repeatreplay, It’s not about a spirit or even a religion, however, it is about how people who get together on purpose can produce something special and mystical for each other, bringing good fortune into their lives for no other reason than because they want it.

1. (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman – The Kinks


“This is a wonderful song about how strange it is that people would accept as truth things that can’t possibly be true,” says J.D. Salinger, the most famous quote-an-author in history who may not have existed at all. It’s because of this that you can get yourself worked up and convinced of something despite knowing the facts and knowing that it’s almost certainly just superstition and nonsense. This one isn’t going to persuade you much, but it’s worth listening to for its method of addressing one of humanity’s toughest problems: believing in things beyond reason.

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