The 10 Best Songs About Luck

Carrie Underwood

It’s only natural when we’re feeling a heavy emotion; we turn to music to help us process. Even though many times, it’s something challenging and heartbreaking, other times it’s simply about needing a boost or a reminder that we can get through something and aren’t terminal failures. Luck is one thing that is too often thrown around like a cliché. Yet, it has multiple meanings, from lucky in money or unlucky in love. According to BBC, people become lucky because they look for signs and have a deep faith that a series of events lead them to the event. Even though many people might dismiss this thought, we’re still prone to phrases like bad luck, or you really are unlucky. Nonetheless, many songs still focus on the good and bad feelings about the word. These are the top ten best songs about luck

10. I Feel Lucky – Mary Chapin Carpenter


90s country was one of the best decades for the genre, and Mary Chapin Carpenter was one of the chart-toppers during this time. Although this ballad feels a bit dated now, the lyrics still carry well. After all, how many people would like to call in sick and win the jackpot? That’s undoubtedly some good luck. Additionally, even if the song doesn’t bring you luck, you’re sure to have quite a few laughs listening to the lyrics about a woman who starts her day off with a lousy horoscope and ends up in a bar being hit on by some of the top country acts of the day.

9. Some Hearts – Carrie Underwood


One of the worst things about luck is when you think you’re the only person who doesn’t have it. Underwood’s song is about a woman who looks at everyone around her, sees them smiling and happy but feels like she missed her chance in love and isn’t one of the lucky people who will ever find her person. Yet, the song ends positively because after feeling like the phrase lucky in love doesn’t exist, the song’s character finds her own and wakes up each day feeling blessed.

8. Hold On – Michael Buble


Not only has Buble sang well-known songs by some of the world’s best singers, but he’s also written quite a few songs that showcase his voice and classic crooning style. The opening line of this song is, “didn’t they always say we were the lucky ones, I guess that we were once, but luck will leave you because it is a faithless friend.” Even though the song starts out sounding like anything but luck, it talks about how luck is beautiful, but strength and commitment must be there to keep the luck going in a relationship.

7. Best Day of My Life – American Authors


This song is an all-around great song about positivity and feeling like everything is going your way. Additionally, the uptempo beat makes the listener feel like whatever they will have, the Midas touch. Sometimes the best way to make ourselves lucky is to listen to a song that makes us feel like any goal we set is achievable.

6. All Out of Luck – Whitesnake


Whitesnake was an 80s group that owned melancholy ballads about losing in love, and this was one of their best. The electric guitar riffs and lamenting beats illuminate the sad tale of someone who’s realized that they’ve already used up all of their second chances, and they must concede that the relationship is over and the phrase lucky in love just isn’t for them.

5. Ironic – Alanis Morrisette


The only thing ironic about this song is its title. Morrissette blasted onto the music scene with the anthemic song You Outta Know. Yet, years after this song’s time on the airwaves, people still questions why the title? After all, the lyrics are about regrettable situations and not things that are the exact meaning of what you think they are about.

4. On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons songs have an infectious beat that gives you a jolt of get-up and goal. Sometimes luck is all in your head, and you just have to shake loose the mental blockages that you think you will never achieve something you want. This song is about feeling at one with the world. After all, you have all the luck, and the world is at your feet.

3. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin


After movies like Ocean’s 11, gangsters and casinos just seemed to go together. Never mind the fact that this song has been featured in movies like Fools Rush, with Matthew Perry and Selma Hayak featured in Sin City. Nonetheless, it’s a great song about being lucky in love and not striking it rich at the Casino.

2. My Lucky Day – Bruce Springsteen


Springsteen’s song personifies luck as a person, which is one thing many people understand. Even though alone and isolated, we feel like things are never going to turn around or that we’re cursed; sometimes, meeting one person can turn everything around, and it becomes us against the world, and magical things start happening. Some of the standout lyrics are “in a room where fortune falls on a day when chance is all in the dark of fierce exile, I felt the grace of your smile.”

1. Ol ’55 – Tom Waits


Sometimes luck is found in simple moments or nondescript days that seem like many others but have something in the air that makes it feel different. Waits’ song is a meditative drive home after an evening with someone he loves and wishing he’d been able to stay a little longer because it was such a magical evening. Yet, unlike a one-night-together that fades, the lyrics are about the next day when he hopes that it wasn’t just a dream. The refrain “I’m riding with Lady Luck” is a personification that sometimes luck feels so tangible that it’s like sitting right next to you.

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