The 10 Best Tyler Rich Songs of All-Time

Tyler Rich is a country musician from Northern California. He started self-releasing his music in 2014. This paved the way for him to get a record deal with the Valory Music Group, thus resulting in the release of his debut studio album in 2020. Since then, Rich has continued as a country musician, so it will be interesting to see where his career leads him.

Here are our picks for the ten best Tyler Rich songs released so far:

10. California Grown

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley dominate the popular perception of California. That makes sense to an extent. Still, it is essential to remember that California is huge, meaning it encompasses a wide range of people living on a wide range of landscapes. This song is an enjoyable reminder of that fact, which makes sense because Rich came from the state.

9. Radio

“Radio” is a hard-hitting song of love and loss. Its music and lyrics come together to provide it with a real emotional punch. The one issue is that the song makes it seem as though the viewpoint character’s significant other has passed away, even though a thorough examination suggests they have just broken up. For some, “Radio” might lose something with that realization.

8. Billie Jean

“Bille Jean” is a well-known song. After all, Michael Jackson released the original in 1983. Subsequently, “Billie Jean” went number one in the United States and numerous other countries. Never mind its awards and accolades. Rich’s cover isn’t quite as good as the original. Despite that, he does manage to give it a different feel, thus enabling his version to stand on its own.

7. Trucks Don’t Lie

If “Radio” suggests that the viewpoint character takes breakups hard, “Trucks Don’t Lie” serves as the confirmation. Here, he is putting his truck up for sale. There is nothing wrong with it. Instead, he makes it clear that the truck is in decent condition. Instead, the viewpoint character is getting rid of his truck because it reminds him of his ex.

That is particularly true because it looks like his ex’s new boyfriend’s truck. The whole thing is silly. However, that makes the song feel more authentic. We have a strong tendency to do silly things when we feel upset. Chances are good interested individuals can even think of some examples from their personal experiences.

6. Leave Her Wild

Successful relationships are built on compromise. Different people have different ways of doing things, which has a high chance of causing tensions in a newly-established relationship. They are supposed to talk these things out to come up with a mutually acceptable compromise. Something that will require both individuals to make changes. With that said, it is very much possible for one person to push the other into making too many changes. “Leave Her Wild” cautions the listener against precisely that.

5. Thinkin’ We’re In Love

“Thinkin’ We’re In Love” tells the story of a pair of friends stumbling into a relationship. Their shared interest is obvious. Even so, they are hesitant to act upon it when they are sober because they fear how their relationship will change. That is a very human sentiment, which is more than enough to earn this song a spot on this list. Rich performed this song with Marie-Mai, a Canadian singer who became somewhat prominent because of a French-language reality show but has continued singing since.

4. Bottom of This Bottle

Many have searched for answers at the bottom of a bottle of alcohol. As a result, “Bottom of This Bottle” comes with a great deal of relatability. Something further enhanced by the heartsick emotion that runs through its lyrics. This is another song Rich performed with someone else. That person would be Anna Bergendahl, a Swedish singer who found fame because of reality TV before continuing as a professional.

3. Better Than You’re Used To

“Better Than You’re Used To” is like “Bottom of This Bottle” in that it is another 2021 single. It is an excellent example of how experience can enable a singer-songwriter to put out better material over time. With that said, it is also comfortable because it sees Rich revisiting much-sung-about themes. Specifically, the viewpoint character tries to convince the woman he likes he would treat her better than her current boyfriend, thus explaining much about the song’s name.

2. Feels Like Home

Home is a powerful symbol. However, that is because of its sense of comfort and belonging. Something that can be true of some unconventional places. Here, the viewpoint character is singing about a small bar where he feels peaceful in the company of like-minded people. As a result, it feels more like a home to him than the place where he lives, which may or may not be a relatable sentiment for listeners. Regardless, the song has a certain charm to it, thus making it worth listening to again and again.

1. The Difference

As mentioned earlier, Rich started self-releasing his music in 2014. Due to that, his first single was “Radio.” Meanwhile, “The Difference” has the distinction of being his first single from his debut studio album, Two Thousand Miles. It did well enough in 2020. The song reached number 30 on the U.S. Country chart and number 21 on the U.S. Country Airplay chart.

Moreover, it went gold in the United States and platinum in Canada. Rich has more than one song in which the viewpoint character wants a stronger relationship with the person they are interested in. “The Difference” wins out by being better sung and more cleverly written than the others.

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