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GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist Richard Fortus Talks About BUCKETHEAD

GUNS N ‘ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus talks about BUCKETHEAD. He says BUCKETHEAD is a talented artist, but socially awkward.

Richard Fortus is an American guitarist born in 1996. He joined GUNS’N ROSES in 2002 and has a studio album with the band. Fortus also collaborated with Richard Butler and Frank Ferrer.

Richard Fortus recently a guest of Todd Kerns’s video podcast interview. Fortus talked about his years working with BUCKETHEAD.

As you know, BUCKETHEAD is one of the most extraordinary names in the music world. The artist, whose actual name is Brian Patrick Carroll, has released over 130 solo albums and has been the guest of many people’s albums. He is also referred to as one of the best guitar virtuosos in history.

Richard Fortus had the chance to work with BUCKETHEAD in his time and was very impressed by it. But he says working with him is weird because working with someone who puts a bucket of fried chicken on his head and speaks with a hand puppet, sounds weird.


Also Fortus said: “Bucket is very musical, but I think a lot of guys like that – phenomenal, prodigious talent – they’re not necessarily… I think Bucket’s music is great,”

Fortus thinks BUCKETHEAD is building its own career, and that is a very difficult thing. However, he thinks he is strange on the one hand. Yes, a talented artist, someone who understood how to play 3 guitars, but weird.

Fortus added: “He is a phenomenal talent. But the thing is, socially, guys like Bucket spend so much time in their bedroom practicing that they don’t really — it’s just different for them socially.”

He says that BUCKETHEAD cannot keep up with the world socially, maybe that’s why he is so successful in playing an instrument. Because Fortus thinks an artist needs to play in a band and engage with people.

“It really is a skill that you learn; it’s a skill set that you have to develop, or it doesn’t work. You’ve gotta be a team player, but you’ve also gotta be driven and motivated.”

Fortus added: “BUCKETHEAD did an excellent job, because he understood the dynamics of it and how the puzzle pieces have to fit together, and Bucket really understood that. Everything sort of has to have its place.”

You can watch the concert performance of BUCKETHEAD and GUNS N ‘ROSES below.


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