Mac Miller Establishes a Fund to Grant BIPOC Artists

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If you are not aware who Mac Miller is, he was a rapper that had quite a large influence on the community in the Northeast, specifically Pennsylvania. People in that area we’re proud to say that he was from there and in turn, he always had a special affection for the region, even after he had enjoyed a great deal of success. Unfortunately, he passed away from an accidental drug overdose back in 2018. Since that time, his family has developed what ultimately became the Mac Miller Fund, a way of helping young artists get scholarships and apprenticeships into the music industry as a means of helping carry his legacy into the next generation.

An Important Fund for Young Artists

Even though Miller himself has not been gone for that long, the fund that was established in his name has already accomplished great things. A year ago, approximately $100,000 was raised in order to grant special apprenticeships to individuals who are planning a career in sound technology. This provided a method for people who are interested in this side of the music business to get the training and education that they needed to succeed when they might have otherwise only dreamed of becoming successful. That was the idea for the fund from the very beginning. It is supposed to help individuals who are budding artists, struggling to be heard in a sea of individuals who often have more money and more opportunities in front of them. The end goal is to help individuals who have the most talent rise above all of the challenges that can sometimes be thrown at them, often through no fault of their own. Miller’s family has made it clear all along that they wanted to ensure that socioeconomic class is not a barrier to people becoming a success in the music industry. Since it’s easier to become successful when you already have money, those who don’t have a lot of money and don’t have a traditional avenue for an education are often left in the cold. The idea behind the Mac Miller Fund is to prevent these young individuals from falling through the cracks.

This Year’s Recipients

This year, Miller’s family decided to do something slightly different than what they had done last year, ultimately raising $75,000 for specific grants to help BIPOC artists. For those that aren’t in the know, BIPOC refers to Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The idea is to help anyone of color achieve their dreams in the music industry by allowing them to do what they do best with the help of these grants. They don’t have to pay the money back and it gives them an opportunity to do something that is truly creative. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it gives them an opportunity to get noticed, something that they might not have otherwise been able to achieve without this money. As far as Miller’s family is concerned, it is anything but a handout. In every way, it is a hand up, allowing struggling artists who are so frequently overlooked an opportunity to show people what they can really do when they don’t have economic barriers to struggle with. Many of these people are simply looking for a single opportunity to show the world what they’re all about, and this fund can potentially provide exactly what they’ve been searching for.

Helping People Get Ahead

Thanks to the money that was raised for this particular grant program, 75 different artists now have the opportunity to create something special. As previously mentioned, they can use the money any way they choose, so long as it showcases them as an artist and gives them an opportunity to allow other people to see their work ( Once again, this is a grant program that is designed for the people who are so often overlooked in society. People of color, especially those from lower socio-economic classes, are often dismissed before they are even given a chance to prove themselves. It’s no different in the music industry than it is anywhere else. This grant program is designed to change that. Hopefully, the artists involved will be able to use this as a springboard to propel their careers forward. There is no doubt that many of them have not had the opportunity to do the creative things they’re currently doing if it weren’t for the money provided by this particular fund.

Moving Forward

That is precisely why this program was started by Miller’s family. He himself struggled with a great many things, which ultimately led to an addiction to drugs. His family, while fiercely proud of his achievements, often wonder if he would have encountered the drug addiction at all if it hadn’t been for many of the struggles that he faced throughout his life. That is another reason why this particular grant program often focuses on people who are at risk. The idea is to pull them away from drugs and crime before they ever get involved with either one. His family wants to show young people who are at risk that they have another option available to them, something that doesn’t involve putting their physical and mental well-being at risk on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people achieve great things and doing so in a positive manner. There are few things worse than watching someone with genuine Talent become more and more despondent on a daily basis because of outside circumstances. Hopefully, this particular grant program will help put an end to the individuals in the Pennsylvania area who are struggling. This year, the program is open for a few more weeks for applications, with artists being notified if they have one by the first of September. This program does have the potential to change lives, and the family couldn’t be happier to do it.

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