When is the season 8 release dates of Homeland?

Homeland season 8 coming soon to Showtime. But we curious about when is the release date of Homeland season 8 for Netflix?

It’s almost a year after season 7 air on Showtime. Season 7 was released back in April 2018. But also the final part of the puzzle means season 8 will be the finale of this drama series. This series tells a story about a bipolar CIA operative Carrie (played by Claire Danes) who becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. In the last season, we will see her travel back to Afghanistan for the help of peace.

What’s the story of Homeland?

Here’s the final season description for this drama:

“In the final season, Carrie Mathison is recovering from brutal confinement in a Russian gulag. Her body is healing, but her memory remains fractured. This is a problem for Saul, National Security Advisor to President Warner, who has been dispatched to engage the Taliban in Afghanistan peace negotiations.

But also Kabul teems with warlords and mercenaries, zealots and spies – and Saul needs the relationships and expertise that only his protégé can provide. Against medical advice, Saul asks Carrie to walk with him into the lion’s den – one last time.”

What are the release dates of Homeland season 8?

Firstly, if you watch Homeland on Netflix. You must wait for a while to get season 8. Also, these regions include but aren’t limited to Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom.

When we back to the season 7 release on Showtime in April 2018. After years laters adding to Netflix. We expect season 8 won’t be on Netflix until the early months of 2021. But if you live in the US you can’t probably see this show on Netflix anytime soon.

However, Homeland season 8 packed of 12 episodes and will premiere on Showtime in the US from February 9th, 2020 to April 26th, 2020. Check out the season 8 trailer below.

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