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Ozzy Osbourne Reacts To His Crazy Train Hip-Hop Version

Ozzy Osbourne may be lots of things such as a bat biter, an actor of his own reality TV show, heavy metal inventor, and much more. But a rapper or a rap listener? Don’t think so. We are almost sure that he hasn’t even come any closer to hip-hop in his whole life. Till now. Thanks to Lil Jon, Osbourne heard his 80’s hit song Crazy Train sampled in 2004 club banger Let’s Go. And his reaction? Well, it is kinda adorable and funny I think. What would they expect while they are making a 72-year-old metal star listen to mid-00s hip-hop anyways?

Ozzy Osbourne‘s guitarist and producer Andrew Watt recently filmed him while he is listening to Crazy Train sample of Let’s Go by Twista ft. Trick Daddy and Lil Jon. You should really see and define his priceless facial expressions on your own, but it seems to me that he was really in pain and shock. Osbourne’s reaction to the song goes entirely in slow-motion as he tries to digest and understand, he gets just more confused clearly. At the end of the video, his move like saying WTF just proves that confusing and pain more. And what funnier is Lil Jon‘s tweet as he shared the video himself.

“I think Ozzy is pleased. We did his classic proud.” he wrote.

What do we know about Ozzy Osbourne’s famous ‘Crazy Train’ song?

Crazy Train was released as a single in 1980 and despite its awesomeness, it became only a minor hit. But peaking at no.49 in the UK list was not what this song only meant to Ozzy Osbourne. The song was also a highlight of the Blizzard Of Ozz tour. It pulled Osbourne back from his gloom which was actually based on his dismissal from Black Sabbath in ’79.

The song was also Ozzy Osbourne‘s first solo single’s debut. The song was written by Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, and Bob Daisley. Daisley had explained how they made the song in past by saying,

“That signature riff in F-sharp-minor from Crazy Train was Randy’s, then I wrote the part for him to solo over, and Ozzy had the vocal melody. The title came because Randy had an effect that was making a psychedelic chugging sound through his amp. Randy and I were train buffs, and I said: ‘That sounds like a crazy train.’ Ozzy had this saying ‘You’re off the rails!’ so I used that in the lyrics.”

So after everything, it is really obvious how much this song actually supposed to mean to him. Yet still, during his whole confusion, he also seems to be having fun. Ozzy Osbourne also seems funny himself! Never could imagine Osbourne to be so adorable somehow. It might bring back his old days in a different way and freshened him up? Well, guess we’ll never know more than he’s supposed PLEASANT claimed by Lil Jon and count him.

Here is the tweet of Lil Jon along with Ozzy Osbourne reacting video down below.

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