The 10 Best Lisa Loeb Songs of All-Time

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is a songwriter, singer, and musician born on March 11, 1968. She is best known for her 1995 single from the album ‘Tails’ called “Stay (I Missed You).” In 1994, Lisa Loeb auditioned for Rocker Chick in Reality Bites. Her audition was seen by Ethan Hawke, who asked Lisa Loeb to be in the film.

She played the character of an ethnomusicologist named Janeane Garofalo’s roommate. In 1999, she appeared on the college comedy series UCBTV for Cohen Goes To School and Pyramid Scheme. In 2009, Lisa Loeb guest-starred as a fictionalized version of herself in the season finale of the ABC dramedy series Cashmere Mafia.

2012 saw Lisa Loeb become a contestant on the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars and paired with professional dancer Karina Smirnoff. In 2013, Lisa Loeb and her husband Matthew (who was seriously injured in a car accident) wrote and performed “Keep Moving” for Walking with the Enemy. Lisa Loeb has released several solo albums, which have been received well by fans. The 10 Best Lisa Loeb Songs of All-Time are as follows:

10. Do You Sleep (1992)

Do You Sleep is a song from Lisa Loeb’s first album, ‘Purple Tape.’ The song was written by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell, who also sings backing vocals for this track. Do You Sleep is about missing someone you love while they are sleeping. This track has an upbeat tempo that makes it very appealing to listeners. The lyrics are very realistic in that anyone who has been in the position of longing to hold someone they love while they are sleeping can relate. The vocals, instrumentals, and lyrics work together to make Do You Sleep one of the greatest Lisa Loeb songs of all time.

9. Single Me Out (2006)

Single Me Out is a song about growing up. The lyrics are meant to feel like the thoughts of someone who has outgrown what used to make them happy. It is a song about curiosity and looking for what will interest you now that things don’t seem as interesting as they used to. The video was shot on film and looked like a home movie. It is just Lisa singing in her backyard with clips of days gone by flashing across the screen, such as playing outside with friends or blowing out candles at a birthday party. It is meant to emulate memories and remind you of things that used to be special but no longer hold the same interest as they once did.

8. Furious Rose (1997)

Lisa Loeb kept things simmering with “Furious Rose” on her 1997 Firecracker. The song opens with a riff played on acoustic guitar, and very soon, the drums kick in to bring the song up to speed. It’s a solid rock tune that still contains some folk influence. The lyrics are about sticking up for yourself – in this case, a girl who won’t back down when teased. The tip is always to stand tall and be proud enough to tell someone off when they’re being cruel. This song also has the most amazing music video. It features Loeb flying through different periods of history on a Vespa and running into everyone from Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee to Mozart and Napoleon.

7. I Do (1997)

Lisa Loeb’s 1997 album “Firecracker” is a fine piece of pop music. The best song from the album is “I Do,” which captures everything great about Loeb in the mid-’90s: it’s light, catchy, and easy to sing-along with; it has a simple, appealing tune; and lyrics that anyone can connect with. It’s a one-take vocal, and it feels like Loeb is singing the song directly to you–which makes sense, as it was written for a movie that she starred in (“Reach the Rock”).

6. Waiting For Wednesday (1995)

Waiting For Wednesday is a great song from Lisa’s second album. It has a nice, catchy tune and lyrics that fit perfectly with the tone of the music. Everything about this song is just awesome, especially if you enjoy Loeb’s music from 1994-1996. This song is just one of the many songs that make Tails one Lisa Loeb’s strongest albums. The song talks about a girl who is thinking about a boy she has a crush on who says he will be at school on Wednesday, but the song’s narrator is uncertain if he will show up.

5. All Day (1998)

Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories’ “All Day” was released from “Rugrats: The Movie.” It made it to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also went to #1 on the “Hot Dance Club Play” chart. As well as being used in the Rugrats movie, “All Day” was featured in TV spots for Stolichnaya vodka and Astro Boy, both of which aired during 2008’s Super Bowl XLII; Loeb performed it live during Fox’s pregame show. Additionally, “All Day” was featured on the soundtracks for The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002), Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006), and Shark Tale (2004). It was also used as the theme song to the 2009 ABC Family TV series Greek.

4. Let’s Forget About It (1995)

Lisa Loeb’s “Let’s Forget About It” was released from her 1995 album Firecracker. The song reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Loeb’s second top-ten hit in the United States. It also went to #1 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart and stayed there for six consecutive weeks. The single has sold 890,000 copies in the U.S., according to Billboard. The song peaked within the top 10 in Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. It also went to #1 on Canadian Singles Chart. The song was written by Diane Warren and produced by Sherburne and The Dust Brothers (who used samples of the recording “All Day” by Peter Gabriel, which has been interpolated into Loeb’s version; the drummer on her version was John JR Robinson).

3. How (1996)

“How” is a song from the 1996 film Twister (how fitting, as that’s one of Loeb’s strongest and best album titles). It was written by Barry and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees and included on both the film’s official soundtrack and on Loeb’s third album, “Cake and Pie,” released in July 1996. It was a top-10 hit in Australia, where it peaked at number seven in August 1996. The song also went to #1 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart in the United States. The song peaked within the top 20 in Austria, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The song was included on Loeb’s greatest hits album Best Kept Secrets: Songs from the Vault (2012).

2. Fools Like Me (1994)

“Fools Like Me” is one of the songs that helped Lisa Loeb become popular in 1994. The song was released from her debut album “Tails” and reached #25 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her second-biggest hit. It also went to #1 on the Top 40 Mainstream and Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. The song was written by Diane Warren and produced by Sherburne and Steve Lipson.

1. Stay (I Missed You) (1994)

Lisa Loeb’s 1994 hit “Stay (I Missed You)” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and even topped the charts in Canada. It was number one for three weeks, from September 17 to October 1, 1994. The song also went to #3 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart and peaked at number five on the Adult Contemporary chart. Furthermore, it stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 21 weeks and peaked at #1 in the U.S. according to the Billboard Year-End Charts of 1994.


Honestly, if you haven’t looked at Lisa Loeb’s music before, listen to it now. Maybe you’ll find some new things in her catalog that you like. And if you have listened to her music, the list is still probably worth looking at. There’s a chance that you can find some new songs to listen to or even discover which of her songs are your favorites. And who knows? Maybe this article will help you figure out what kind of music Lisa Loeb listens to today, too.

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