10 Awesome Songs about Wednesday


Wednesday is a favorite day among most people all over the world. After Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Hump Day or Wednesday is a good day for many people. Of all the days of the week, it is Wednesday that brings the week together. When on one side of the week, you are like, ‘Monday really stinks.’ On the other part of the week, you are like, ‘wow!’ We all agree that Friday marks the end of the week, but Wednesday is right in the middle of the week to give you more courage to battle out the remaining part of the week.

According to Funfactsabout, Wednesdays called Hump Day to signify that the Weekend is on its way. It is that day of the week when there is a little hill to climb before riding easily through Thursday and Friday. Wondering what to do on a Wednesday, having fought through Monday and Tuesday? When in this situation, consider listening to some awesome songs about Wednesday. That is a good way to pat yourself on the back for having made it through to the middle of the week. Musicians have been crafty enough, and they have composed songs about Wednesday to help you power through. Here are ten awesome songs about Wednesday.

10. Wednesday – Earthgang

Wednesdays should be different from the other days of the week. With this tune, you will always love to have Wednesday in all your weeks. The song is done by the Earthgang band, who have perfectly blended hip-hop and Jazz in a single track. People looking forward to feeling nostalgic after listening to some old-school day’s music will find this tune amazing.

9. Wednesday – Rob Mullins

Noting the difference between Saturday and Wednesday has become challenging. With this jam, one might think that you are in a Saturday mood as opposed to a weekday mood. Released in 2012, this one is a piano ballad from Rob Mullins that is all about feeling alone and lost. According to AllMusic, Rob Mullins is an all-round keyboardist who can play both bop and crossover. Rob’s ‘Wednesday’ song is an emotive and powerful song that resonates with most people. This song is featured in Rob Mullins’s album dubbed Dance for the New World. You can also stream the tune on all the main music platforms.

8. It’s Already Wednesday – Freya

There will be no way to jumpstart your Wednesday mornings other than jamming to this amazing song. As the title says, the song says that it is already Wednesday. Simply get yourself pumped and face the day ahead. This song was released back in 1999 where it featured in Freya’s album dubbed Tea with the Queen. The song has remained relevant to date, having been streamed more than 37k times on YouTube. This track is also available on Spotify.

7. Wednesday Morning – Macklemore

Wednesday Morning is the other song about Wednesday on this list. This is a huge track on music platforms released in 2016. It is a rap song talking about societal issues and how the singer worries about future generations. Ideally, this song’s message is an eye-opener and worth listening to. The tune is featured in Macklemore’s album dubbed Wednesday Morning.

6. Windy Wednesday – Charlie Bedford

Jazz lovers will find this track amazing. Released in 2020, this is a jazz song that talks about a windy day. The song is featured in Charlie’s album under the name, Good to Go. Currently, it is a few views shy of 1k views. This song might not be as huge as other songs on this list. However, the song is still worth listening to.

5. Wednesday Morning

Next on this list is a song by America dubbed Wednesday Morning. The track made its debut in 1998. It talks about the journey of a young girl to realize her purpose in life. The tune features a very calming feel. It will surely leave the listeners feeling reflective. It is available under America’s album known as Human Nature.

4. Wednesday’s Child – Matt Monro

This is another Wednesday song by Mart Monro. The track made a debut in 1967, and it talks about a Wednesday’s child who is most of the time miserable. What you will like about the song is that it has a classic feel and will always leave you with that nostalgic feeling. This song is featured in Mart’s album under the name, Invitation to the Movies.

3. Wednesday Evening Blues – John Lee Hooker

Wednesday Evening Blues is a song done by John Lee Hooker. It was released back in 1961, and the meaning of the song is just like your guess. It talks about the blues that come with Wednesday evenings. This song features artists Sam Jones and Louis Hayes. On YouTube, this song has been streamlined more than 100k times. People also stream it on Spotify.

2. Wednesday Morning – Slackstring

Slackstring wrote this song about Wednesday Morning and released it in 2002. It is a country song talking about the normal routines a man has on Wednesday Mornings. The song has a chill vibe and will be an amazing addition to your long-drive playlist. This is a popular song that is available on all main music streaming platforms.

1. Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. – Simon & Garfunkle

Summing up our list of songs about Wednesday is this song from Simon and Garfunkel, a rock duo. This song debuted in 1964, and it is all about committing mistakes. It is an iconic song that continues to inspire so many people all over the world, even today. According to the lyrics of the song, the song talks about not sleeping on Sunday mornings for fear of Monday’s work. It is a slow song that has garnered more than 400k views on YouTube. It is also available on other major music streaming platforms. According to Faroutmagazine, this duo has so many other songs together, but they broke up in 1970 after a disagreement.


There you go. Above is a brief list of songs about Wednesday. On Wednesday, you need assurance that you are just a few weeks to Friday. If you are therefore looking for a tune to push you through the remainder of the week, the tunes above are some of the options you can consider listening to. These songs also serve well for people looking to add some fresh tunes to their playlists. Either way, the songs are awesome.

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