The 10 Best Nappy Roots Songs of All Time

Between 1996 and 1998, a few students at Western Kentucky University joined hands to form a rap group that they decided to name Nappy Roots. They were talented and released their first album, “Country Fried Cess” in 1998, which attracted the attention of Atlantic Records. The label signed the group but tried splitting them up, so the artists decided to be independent and remain a six-man collective. The men stuck together through the years, although some members have since left to pursue solo careers. Check out some of the best Nappy Roots songs.

10. Box of Chocolates

Fish Scales, one of Nappy Roots’ co-founders, revealed to Newswires that “Box of Chocolates” is an uplifting and fun song that celebrates life’s ups and downs. He explained that there is never a guarantee in life, so you have to learn to accept the good with the bad, while still maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. For this reason, the group compares life to a box of chocolates, until you open up the box and take the first bite, you cannot be sure of what it holds. It is yet another song that encourages their fans to embrace positivity no matter how hard circumstances get, as they say, even at their lowest, they still thought life was bright and worth living blissfully.

9. My Old Kentucky Home

This song by Nappy Roots shares a title with another written in 1952 by Stephen Foster. However, the two are different; the 1852 version is about a slave on a Kentucky Plantation; hence, it even used racially offensive language. However, the Kentucky rap group’s song is about appreciating their hometown. They rap about being born and raised in Kentucky; they, therefore, also want to be buried there.

8. Back Roads

According to HipHopDX, DeVille once said that once the fads fade, you always return to your roots. For Nappy Roots, they can never forget the back roads, which they admitted helped to keep them together. Taking road trips was one of the ways that Nappy Roots built their chemistry musically, and the song pays tribute to such memories. Unlike John Denver, who wants the country road to take him home in West Virginia, the Kentucky rap group is ready to go wherever the back roads may lead.

7. Headz Up

“Headz Up” goes down a different path than the positive vibes that Nappy Roots keeps releasing through their songs. Instead, this song has sexual undertones. They compare women to chickens, and the curvy ones are referred to as chickens with plumped-up thighs. Although at the end of the song they tell us to get our minds out of the gutter, the sexual nuances are clear. You can even see their preferences for curvy women, comparing them to a cross between some female musicians like Pink and Lil Kim.

6. Roun’ The Globe

In 2003, Nappy Roots released “Roun’ The Globe” off their album, “Wooden Leather.” It is a song that celebrates all people no matter where they come from because, to the Kentucky group, everyone has an element of country. Still, with “Wooden Leather,” they avoided being pigeonholed as country boys. It was, therefore, quite a welcome surprise when troops in Kuwait invited the rap group to a concert. One of the members explained that their travels enlightened them that Kentucky is not much different from other parts of the globe.

5. Blowin’ Trees

This song is another Nappy Roots anthem whose title and first verse, according to Songtell, is about smoking marijuana. It appears to be a song about appreciating where they came from and the progress they have made. For instance, they refer to the slum where they feel the dwellers are not hypocrites. They add that there is nothing wrong with being average or different because, to them, it is not about competing but appreciating everyone for who they are. A mention of Aaliyah is enough to tell you that she holds a special place in their hearts

4. Country Boyz

Vinyl Me Please notes that “Country Boyz” has become an anthem for Nappy Roots fans. It is true since the group disclosed that whenever they are performing, fans always ask for a performance of “Country Boyz” and “Blowin’ Trees.” The funny this is that Nappy Roots never released “Country Boyz” as a single, yet it has become of the most requested songs that helped boost the “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz” album sales.

3. Good Day

We are advised to start the day with positive thoughts; to speak affirmations as we stand in front of the mirror to boost our self-confidence. Well, if you ever had a difficult time wondering what to say to yourself, Nappy Roots made it easier for you with this song. “Good Day” should be the first thing you listen to in the morning as it immediately fills your head with positivity. It convinces you to have a good day with no crying. It is, therefore, with good reason that most parents have chosen it as the song to play to their kids as they head out to school.

2. Awnaw

When Nappy Roots talked to HotNewHipHop, they were confident that one of the songs that fans should not overlook in the “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz” album is “Awnaw.” One of the members revealed that it is one of the two most impactful songs in the album; the other being “Po’Folks.” Indeed, there is something about “Awnaw” which brings rap and rock music together to make it uniquely beautiful.

1. Po’ Folks

Most musicians tell their life stories through songs, and Nappy Roots is no different. In this song, they reflect on their background, saying they were poor but always hoped for better days. It is such a relatable song which could explain why it is still the group’s biggest hit to date, despite being released over two decades ago. The Kentucky rap group featured Anthony Hamilton in this song, which went on to be a three-time Grammy-nominated hit single.

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