The 10 Best Eddie Money Songs of All-Time

Eddie Money

Anyone who grew up during the 70’s and 80’s are undoubtedly familiar with the work of Eddie Money. While he may never have achieved the critical fame he may have wanted, there’s no doubt that his music was a huge part of both contemporary rock radio and MTV. Born Edward Joseph Mahoney, Eddie’s raw and free style produced eleven top 40 hits during his musical career. Known by many as rock and roll’s “Everyman”, Money was able to convey to the world the joy he round in living, and the love he had for his home, wife and children. Today, we’ve searched through our subjective souls to find our favorite 10 Eddie Money songs.

10. Trinidad


“Trinidad” comes off Eddie’s 1980 album, Playing for Keeps. Not known as one of his most successful songs, “Trinidad” still carries weight with fans. While some may consider it a lumbering, slow song, others regard it favorably. Lacking the contemporary rock hooks and grooves found in previous Eddie Money hits, it makes up for in content. The song is a rather slow moving, winsome track of a love desired, and it remains a fan favorite. That being said, none of the singles released from this album received much in the way of radio airplay.

9. Gimme Some Water


Eddie’s second album, 1978’s Life for the Taking, didn’t do as well with fans of critics as Columbia thought it would. Reaching number 17 on the Billboard 200, it offered Money no singles hits. However, that’s not to say that the songs weren’t worthy of Money’s talent. Take “Gimme Some Water”, for instance. What it lacked in dance grooves, it made up for in raw, gutsy vocal delivery and simple, forward thrusting melody. In short, for those who were finding the dance-heavy anthems of the late 70’s wearing a bit on their nerves, “Gimme Some Water”, gave them a bit of a respite with it’s punchy edge.

8. Save a Little Room in Your Heart


Smokey, still and deliberate, “Save a Little Room in Your Heart” is a step away from the addictive Eddie Money pop songs we’re used to. Tinged with a bit of melancholy, “Save a Little Room in Your Heart” is one of those songs oft listened to after a breakup while cuddled up on the couch with a gallon of ice cream. Off his 1977 debut album, Eddie Money, it serves to give the listener a taste of Money’s raw depth of emotion.

7. I Wanna Go Back


“I Wanna Go Back” was originally recorded in 1984 by a little known rock group, Billy Satellite. Their album didn’t go far, and very soon the group slipped away into anonymity. Money picked up the song, recorded and released it in 1986. Housed on his album, Can’t Hold Back, the single found itself hitting number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 3 on the Top Rock Tracks Chart.

6. Walk on Water


Written by keyboardist Jesse Harms, “Walk on Water” was featured on Eddie’s 1988 album, Nothing to Lose. The song concerns a man who is deeply in love with a woman who does not feel the same way, and has no faith in him whatsoever. “Walk on Water” secured another hit for Eddie, as it hit the number 9 slot on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 2 on the Album Rock Tracks chart.

5. Shakin’


“Shakin'” is one of those songs that chronicles a night of wild ecstasy, of a guy who’s enjoying a no-strings-attached night of pure enjoyment. Released off his 1982 Platinum album, No Control, helped to cement Eddie’s fixture as a contemporary music icon. Written in conjunction with bass player Ralph Carter, and Elizabeth Myers the song comes across as a catchy tune just made for some heavy contemporary rock rotation. The video featured Prince’s protege, Apollonia, as the wild and crazy girl performing the striptease.

4. Think I’m in Love


From his 1982 Platinum album, No Control, “Think I’m in Love’ hit number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on Billboards Top Rock Track. Considered by many to be Eddie’s comeback song, it helped to gain him some much needed airplay on contemporary rock stations in the 80’s. The video for this song, also gave his career a hefty boost as it received heavy rotation on MTV. In fact, the video for this song where Eddie portrays a vampire garnered much discussion and favorable reviews.

3. Baby Hold On


Composed by Money and his guitarist, Jimmy Lyon, 1978’s “Baby Hold On” became Money’s first hit single. Influenced by the same girl who provided the inspiration for “Two Tickets to Paradise”, the song reached number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Like many of Eddie’s other hits, the song is catchy with a fun and lively groove. “Baby Hold On” tells the story of a couple going through some tough times, and making every attempt to stick it out.

2. Take Me Home Tonight


Released in 1986 of his album, Can’t Hold Back, “Take Me Home Tonight” peaked at fourth place on the Billboard Hot 100. The song helped Eddie regain some traction in his career, as well as 60’s rock and roll icon, Ronnie Spector who appeared on both the single and the music video. “Take Me Home Tonight” is the perfect example of Eddie’s ability to make a contemporary hit with a solid hook, and became the best ranking single of his career. Basically, the song revolves around a man who is quite keen on getting this girl to take him home.

1. Two Tickets to Paradise


During his college days, Eddie fell for a girl who was from an affluent family. Her mother didn’t quite want her daughter getting involved with someone from the working class, so did what she could to separate them. According to Money, “I wrote ‘Two Tickets To Paradise” about taking a bus ride to the California redwoods. I wanted to take her on a bus ride up to the redwoods. ‘Two Tickets To Paradise’ could be anywhere: could be Hawaii, could be anywhere. It’s a state of mind.” Did Eddie take his girl to the Redwoods? Nope, she left him early on. Known as Eddies signature song, it hit number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Eddie Money songs that help to illustrate his contribution to contemporary pop/rock music. During his career, Money fell victim to various addictions, only to come out of it a better man for the experience, announcing in 2003 that he was now sober. However, being a smoker for most of his adult life it finally caught up with him and he developed esophageal cancer. On September 13, 2019 Eddie passed away, he was 70 years old.

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  1. Nice article, but to clarify, Eddie stopped smoking many years before he passed. He did not die from smoking or from cancer. Eddie passed away because of complications involving his heart valve replacement procedure. Thank you.

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