10 Sad Songs about Depression


Other than feeling sad, depression can make one feel numb, hopeless, and even worthless. Some individuals might be battling clinical depression throughout their entire life. In contrast, others might only suffer from situational depression caused by loss, especially job loss, death of a friend or loved one, and divorce. In all these situations, different people tend to cope by adopting certain behaviors, self-medicating, sports, and entertainment. Similarly, songs sung by people who have undergone depression effectively motivate others going through the same situations or events. Are you considering starting to listen to sad songs addressing how people cope with depression? Below are ten sad songs to help you get through depression.

10. Anything worth holding on to – Matt Bloyd and Chrissy Metz

The song ‘Anything worth holding on to’ is one song that can help people undergoing depression. It was written by Scott, who was also fighting depression and had reached a point where he did not see the worth of living and was suicidal. And even though he had reached the end, through the song, he had hope that someday someone would help him fight all his problems, thus giving him a reason to hold on. The message in the song and the calm voices of both Matt Bloyd and Chrissy Metz encourage you to keep listening to the song, which also brings breakthroughs.

9. How to save a life – The Fray

The song titled How to save a life was sung and published by The Fray but written by Isaac Slade and Joseph king. Their inspiration came from losing a friend who was crying out for help, but it was hard for them to tell how much the friend needed help. The song is typically a sad song that expresses sorrow and regret because the lines in the song say that if the person had stayed with the victim for that night, they would have saved a life. Listening to ‘How to save a life’ encourages one to seek help from family and friends, which can prevent an ending like that of the friend described in the song.

8. Her last words – Courtney Parker

The song Her last words by Courtney Parker talks about a girl who was depressed for a long time, but nobody, including her parents, noted. The depression was because nobody prepared her for various stages in life, leaving her confused about what to do. As a result, she started hurting herself and covering the cuts with her clothes. But in the end, she wrote a letter to her parents explaining what she was going through and later cut herself. The song helps educate and warn people going through depression that if they fail to seek help, the result will be the same as that of the persona in the song. It also emphasizes the need to educate your kids on what to expect in life which helps reduce depression.

7. Never too late – Three Days Grace

According to The Top Tens, this song was sung by Three Days Grace and focused on giving people hope that it is never too late to make a change, especially if they are struggling with certain bad behaviors. For instance, if you are addicted to substance abuse secondary to depression or peer pressure, the song encourages one to make a difference in the life they are living the moment they know that they made a mistake. It is never too late to collect and say sorry to those you have disappointed. Listening to this song gives you the urge to change.

6. Hurt – Johnny Cash

The song Hurt by Johnny Cash involves a lot of regrets and is sad because he has lost himself and can not tell whom they have become. It also talks of loss because everyone close to him is gone, and he feels very lonely and wishes that he could be given another chance to change events that have happened so he would be a better person. Listening to the song helps you understand that sadness can affect people of all ages because the persona in the song is a dying old man.

5. My immortal – Evanescence

It is a song that was sung twelve years ago by Evanescence and mainly addressed the depression she underwent after losing a friend. Evanescence’s sweet and cool voice helps you understand that such things as losing a close person happen to anyone. Listening to the song helps you relax and calm down, knowing that the person you have lost is still with you.

4. Headfirst for halos -My Chemical Romance

Headfirst for halos by My Chemical Romance is a song published about fifteen years ago. The song simply represents those who are remorseful but hide it by pretending to be living a happy life. Its musical sound represents a happy song, but the lyric depicts sadness because it talks of a suicidal person.

3. Fade to black – Metallica

The song Fade to black by Metallica is among the top sad songs you can listen to if you are going through depression. The song talks about life and how the persona has lost themself, but it is upon them to make a change. Listening to this song when you are depressed encourages you to make a change early before it is too late because the persona realized it when it was late and was dying.

2. Be ok – Ingrid Michaelson

The song Be ok by Ingrid Michaelson states the importance of opening up about things you are going through to help you be at peace and ok. Therefore, listening to this song when you are sad or depressed gives you the power and bravery to speak out.

1. Mad World – Tears for Fears

It is a sad song by Tears for Fears in the 80s about unmet goals. Therefore, listening to the song when you feel low helps you understand that, at times, the dream you had while young can be unmet and still move on.


All the above songs are sad songs that address various situations or life that can cause sadness and depression. Some also pass essential messages to people listening to them by giving them tips on coping with their situation. Therefore, the above songs are worth listening to if you are sad or depressed.

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