Ranking All The Songs from the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack

Queen of the Damned

Anne Rice, the author behind The Vampire Chronicles, published in 1988 the third book of her horror novel series, The Queen of the Damned. This book was then transitioned into a motion picture in 2002. It served as a stand-alone sequel to the first book of The Vampire Chronicles series, Interview with the Vampire. With that motion picture, its own soundtrack, which was released that same year. The film itself was dedicated to Aaliyah, who played the title role in the movie, then later died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001. The movie itself was released on February 22, 2002, followed by the soundtrack on March 1, 2002. This vampire-themed movie didn’t receive the best reviews but did earn moderate box office success, earning $45.5 million USD, which surpassed the film’s budget by $10 million USD. There were fourteen songs featured in the soundtrack, most of them heavy-hitting nu-metal as the soundtrack producers were of Korn fame.

14. Body Crumbles (performed by Dry Cell)


(Body Crumbles), performed by Dry Cell, is their signature song as it not only earned them fame in Queen of the Damned, but also on the Madden NFL 2003 video game soundtrack. There has only been one studio album the group released, (Disconnected), despite many attempts to do more. Aside from a few lineup changes, they’re still together and do have a compilation album to their credit, (The Dry Cell Connection).

13. Headstrong (performed by Earshot)


Earshot’s (Headstrong) was the lead single from the group’s debut album, which was released in the same year as the movie. The troubled relationship theme behind this track perfectly matched the timing on the soundtrack, situating between Cold and Body Crumbles as a bridge.

12. Slept So Long (performed by Jay Gordon)


Orgy’s Jay Gordon specifically performed (Slept So Long) for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Originally, the whole group was to perform this song, but due to contractual limitations that were in place at the time. This served as unusual since the usual vocalist for Orgy, Jonathan Davis, performed all the music tracks within the movie itself.

11. Penetrate (performed by Godhead)


(Penetrate) was a song from Godhead’s 2001 album, (2000 Years of Human Error) that was also used in Queen of the Damned, one of many songs that actually earned the band recognition and praise from the likes of Ozzy Osborne and other top-named metal bands that felt this song, as well as the rest of the group’s album to be among their best material ever produced.

10. Dead Cell (performed by Papa Roach)


From the 2000 album, (Infest), (Dead Cell) was the song that was featured in the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, performed by the nu-metal band, Papa Roach. Although not released as a single from the record like some of their other music was, it’s still a solid, hard-hitting tune that fits the theme of the movie. The opening riff of the heavy guitar sets the aggressive tone of a song that’s a solid nu-metal performance, from start to finish.

9. Not Meant for Me (performed by Wayne Static)


Of X-Static fame, Wayne Static performed (Not Meant for Me), which served as an intro into the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. This song was written and performed specifically for the movie and its soundtrack. Moody with a purpose, the build-up of this heavy-hitter makes the best of nu-metal music proud.

8. Forsaken (performed by David Draiman)


David Draiman of the group, Disturbed, brought forth (Forsaken) as a recorded performance for the film and soundtrack of Queen of the Damned. Ghostly, hypnotic, and passive-assertive best describe the play of this song as it builds into heavier riffs that feel like a soothing coast into the chorus before drifting back into the second verse and beyond.

7. System (performed by Chester Bennington)


(System) was performed by Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin’ Park that still has a solid fan following even after his death in 2017. At first, it starts off as a vampiric-like Tinkerbell ballad before the vocals of Bennington drifts in and deliver the melodic, yet methodical song into waves of nu-metal sound that’s at its best.

6. Redeemer (performed by Marilyn Manson)


Marilyn Manson is best known for his unconventional musical style, as well as questionable fashion statements that have constantly put him into the media spotlight. (Redeemer) is classic Marilyn Manson, bringing his melodic talent only he can pull off. For Queen of the Damned, not only does his music match the theme of the movie and its soundtrack, but the unorthodox gothic approach he has literally taken to just about everything.

5. Excess” (featuring Alanis Morissette) (performed by Tricky)


Experimental hip-hop artist, Tricky, produced the song, (Excess), which is the leading track to his fifth studio album, (Blowback). The vocals feature Alanis Morisette, who was one of many artists he collaborated with for the music on his album. It was dubbed as a great album nobody likes. The critics enjoyed it, but the fans during the timing of 2001, not so much. It gained popularity, thanks to Queen of the Damned.

4. Before I’m Dead (performed by Kidneythieves)


From the album, (Zerospace), Kidneythieves recorded and released the song, (Before I’m Dead), which was featured as the final song on the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned. Like the movie, the second studio album from the group was released in 2002, just weeks apart. The dramatic performance of this song seems to be at its best when the guitar riffs wave in like a surge of electricity, adding even energy to the vocalist’s performance as she lyrically tells her tale.

3. Cold (performed by Static-X)


(Cold) was a single performed by Static-X that has a few different versions to it, aside from the one specific for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. The band’s music video of this single paid homage to the 1954 classic horror novel, (I Am Legend), written by Richard Matheson. On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, it peaked as high as number twenty-nine.

2. Change (In the House of Flies) (performed by Deftones)


Alternative metal band, Deftones, first released their single, (Change) from their third studio album, (White Pony) in the year 2000. To date, it remains as the band’s most successful single to date, plus it served its purpose in the movie and soundtrack of Queen of the Damned. On the US Billboard Alternative Airplay chart, it peaked at number three and was a number nine hit on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. It was also a number fifty-three hit on the UK Singles Chart.

1. Down with the Sickness (performed by Disturbed)


(Down with the Sickness) was a single nu-metal band, Disturbed, recorded and released in 1999 from their debut album, (The Sickness). In the movie, this best-known single from the group served its ominous purpose, as well as in the soundtrack. On the US Billboard Alternative Airplay chart, it peaked at number eight,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrgp-XA-gs4, and on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart at number five. This certified-platinum single by the Recording Music Industry of America (RIAA) not only has become a concert staple for Disturbed, but a source of inspiration for genre-related artists to rise to the occasion with their own performances. It was also certified gold with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

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