The 10 Best Papa Roach Songs of All-Time

Papa Roach

Papa Roach is a metal band with a long history of successful songs during their career. It started with frontman Jacoby Shaddix and guitarists Jerry Horton and Ben Luther forming the band in 1993, signed with Eleven Seven Music. The band has since released nine albums, most recently ‘Crooked Teeth.’ Speak of the Devil was their first song on Billboard, reaching number 17 on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1999. Ten years later, they released ‘Hollywood Whore’, which reached number 19 on the same chart, making it their highest to date. The band has become known for their mixture of hard rock and nu-metal music, with all nine of their albums hitting at least one Billboard chart. Their most successful singles include ‘Last Resort,’ ‘Between Angels and Insects,’ ‘Scars,’ and ‘Getting Away With Murder. Their songs are full of emotion and passion, which is what makes their music so wonderful to listen to. You don’t need to be a metal fan to appreciate the beauty of Papa Roach’s tunes. They have songs for everyone and every mood. Many people have asked us to list our top 10 best Papa Roach songs, so we decided to do just that. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 best Papa Roach songs of all-time:

10. Broken Home


The first entry on this list comes from 2009’s Metamorphosis album. The song’s lyrics describe a cycle of domestic violence. The song is catchy, but it doesn’t lack depth. Jacoby Shaddix is genuinely tapped into his anger and frustration on this track, really bringing out the raw feeling in his voice. It tells about how mothers get drunk at night and fathers drink away their sorrows. They go into a rage and take out their anger on kids that have to deal with it. You can hear the pain in his voice.

9. No Matter What


This song is Papa Roach’s first single off their 2008 album, The Paramour Sessions. It was a significant hit and propelled Papa Roach into a Grammy Nominated band. The track talks about the love between Jacoby and his wife, Jenna. In it, lyrics like “Even through your screams, I can hear you call my name” describe how strong of a connection they have to each other even without words. The track was written in a way that they can relate to each other through their music. It’s a beautiful song, primarily due to the touching lyrics.

8. Not That Beautiful


This song is the first single off the band’s 2012 album, The Connection. This song is unique because it features Skylar Grey and sends quite an important message: insecurities and low self-esteem in relationships which is something that Jacoby Shaddix felt many people deal with in relationships. I personally like the song because it is quite catchy. Who knew a song about low self-esteem could be so catchy?

7. Tightrope


The song is the third single off Papa Roach’s 2010 album, Metamorphosis. The music was used in an episode of WWE Monday Night RAW in 2010 and has since become one of their most popular songs among wrestling fans. Papa Roach dedicated this song to anyone who feels like they are trapped in their lives. Jacoby Shaddix emotionally belts out, “I can’t give up on anything I feel inside”, to inspire people who are feeling hopeless to find a way out of whatever is preventing them from achieving their goals. When it comes to metal music, it doesn’t get much more accurate than this.

6. Gravity


This track made it onto the 2010 album, Metamorphosis, as well. The lyrics describe a man sinking into an endless cycle of self-pity and depression. The protagonist in the song feels that he is trapped underneath something that he cannot escape. There are lines like “I don’t know how to fight this gravity” and “I’m falling down, I can’t believe this happened” that show just how far gone he is. The song is full of hopelessness and sadness and is one of their most depressing tracks. Jacoby Shaddix has been quoted saying that this song helped him get through a tough time in his life where he felt very depressed for no reason.

5. Scars


This single was released in 1999 from the Infest album. The lyrics are about how difficult it can be to break free from an abusive or manipulative relationship. The song’s meaning got a little more personal after Jacoby Shaddix experienced an abusive relationship with his ex-fiancée, Kelly Gray. The protagonist wants to break free from the destructive cycle of domestic violence, but he struggles with finding a way out.

4. Between Angels And Insects


This song was released in 2000 off the album, Infest. It is about the inner struggle between angelic and demonic influences. Jacoby Shaddix has said that this song is about how everyone can be either good or evil. He says that he used to think that people are just born evil, but his experiences with other people taught him that they could change for the better. You can hear this message through the lyrics, “Between angels and insects, there is a thin line”.

3. Forever


This song got significant airplay in 2002 off their second studio album, Lovehatetragedy. The song is about a man who has to deal with the consequences of his actions and how he wonders if his life is worth it. He talks about the effects of his choices on himself, like “I can’t sleep at night when I lay my head down, all these thoughts fill my head” and talking about how his actions have damaged his body, “I want to cut my arms” and “My skin, it can’t keep all these thoughts out.”

2. Last Resort


This song is the band’s most successful single and was released in 2000 off the album infest. It reached #1 on the mainstream rock chart and has become one of their most iconic songs. The song is about suicide but was written so that people could also interpret it as an anthem against hatred. Jacoby Shaddix said, “This song’s for the kids who are bullied in school or called names because they wear different-colored shoes or listen to different music than everybody else.”

1. She Loves Me Not


This song is a single from the band’s second studio album, Love-hate tragedy. It gained a lot of popularity after being used in WWE Judgment Day 2003. The song has many metaphorical lyrics that make it seem like Jacoby Shaddix is struggling to win back an ex-girlfriend, but he also says that the song is about how people should not settle for less than they deserve. He sings, “She loves me not, yeah, she loves me not”, to show that the protagonist feels like he’s unworthy of love and other good things in life.

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