Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett wah-off battle with Mrs. Smith

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett wah-off battle will happen with Mrs. Smith. The challenged battle also perform on March 8 in South Carolina, USA.

We know Kirk Hammett as a wah-wah pedal fan since his long-professional musician life. Now, Mrs. Smith joined him and we know her the guitar virtuoso alter-ego of actor-musician David Hanbury. Also, the event as a titled ‘Cry Baby Battle Royale’ and also happens in March. This event will also feature a performance by The Wedding Band covers project from Metallica’s guitarists. And this band also featuring bassist Robert Trujillo and Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane with others.

First Mrs. Smith wrote this:

“I’m the number-one wah-wah abuser. I abuse the wah more than Kirk Hammett and I’ve challenged him multiple times to a wah-off. Why are you hiding behind your wah-wah pedal, Kirk Hammett?”

And Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett replied from his official Instagram account: “Challenged received and accepted.” with the #wahoff hashtag”

We also know guitarist Joe Satriani gives a guitar lesson to Hammett in the 80s also Mrs. Smith interview with Rolling Stone:

“This is the crux of what makes Mrs. Smith so funny: There’s this woman, who doesn’t look right, who’s doing this stuff in the wrong place, in a cabaret or on a street corner and yet is out-shredding the person who is totally dedicated to shredding, who’s got the pants and the hair and the right amp and the pointy guitar.”

Metallica’s The Wedding Band cover projects and ‘Cry Baby Battle Royale’ event perform March 8th, 2020. Check out the tickets here.


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