The 10 Best Jack Johnson Songs of All Time

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is an American celebrity personality. He is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who plays a lot of different musical instruments. The list of his talents goes into record producing, documentary, filmmaking, acting, and even professional surfing for a period. He’s currently best known for his singing and songwriting, although he is still active in conservation and environmental causes. Here are the ten best Jack Johnson songs of all time, ranked from worst to best.

10. ” Times Like These”

“Times Like These” is a song that sums up the purpose of life. It’s a mellow tune that points out people are born, people die, and we live our lives in between the two events. Johnson states things are what they are. The words help us chill out and take a deep breath, realizing that all we need to do is live our lives every day because whatever is going to happen will. People find comfort in taking a break from the quest to find some greater meaning in life. Perhaps the meaning of life is found in just taking it day by day.

9. “Breakdown”

“Breakdown” has received 15 million views on YouTube. This song came out as a single in September 2005 and appeared on the “In Between Dreams” album. The album sold over 200,000 copies in the United Kingdom, according to Contact Music. It made it to the Top 20 chart of Music Week. We considered these statistics when choosing the top songs of Jack Johnson. The fans have spoken with their patronage, making this one of the top ten best songs of Johnson’s career so far.

8. “Flake”

“Flake” received mixed reviews, with some listing it as number one, others as number three, and some not mentioning it at all. The lyrics of this song provide a good definition of a flake. It’s not the best song he’s written, but lyrically, it is well written. It gives us some insights into how a person can appear a flake, whether intending to or not. “Flake” is a song about a guy that makes a lot of mistakes. His partner is the forgiving type. She tells him it’s alright, but in his mind, he knows it is not okay. We love this song because it’s about introspection about the actions you take, your attitudes, and the levels of respect you show for the people in your life. It’s a song that makes us all think about how we treat other people.

7. “We’re Going To Be Friends”

“We’re Going To Be Friends” is a song taken from a popular children’s book. Jack Johnson is not the only artist to perform a cover of the song, but he did it remarkably well. It’s a fan favorite because of its innocent and upbeat nature. The song puts us in a nostalgic mood and has the power to transport us back in time to fun times during our childhoods. This is a fun and playful song that most people enjoy hearing and even singing along with.

6. “Upside Down”

“Upside Down” has received kudos for being a happy and uplifting song that soothes us when we’re feeling down. It’s a bittersweet tune that has a calming melody that brings us into a different state of mind. You can help but smile when listening to this song. It was released as a single in early 2006 and has remained one of Johnson’s more popular songs.

5. “Never Know”

“Never Know” received mixed reviews from critics, but it’s one of the more outstanding songs that tackle the question of what life is about head-on. There are tremendous spiritual overtones in this song that sums up the human experience. It takes on a global point of view that points out that people have come and gone in this world since the beginning of time, and sometimes we just have to be content with realizing that there are some things we will never know. The words make us realize that our time here is temporal and life is to be lived every day, perhaps without getting too bogged down with the quest to understand why we’re even here.

4. “Constellations”

“Constellations” is a musical masterpiece both lyrically and musically that automatically transports you to a sunny beach in warm tropical islands, to experience the setting of the sun and the revelation of a sea of stars. It’s a nostalgic song that talks of listening to papa’s stories about the constellations and it takes us back to our childhoods, reminiscent of simple times and beautiful moments that we keep for a lifetime. Easily one of the best songs of his career.

3. “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”

Jack Johnson wrote this song to cheer up a friend who was striking out with a girl. It was released in 2005 as a track on the “In Between Dreams” album. The song charted at number 66 in the United Kingdom and number 65 on USA charts.

2. “Fortunate Fool”

Let’s Chat Mass Media gives “Fortunate Fool” rave reviews as one of the best songs ever written and performed by Jack Johnson. It’s jazz music at its finest. This song gets a rating of number two as one of his most brilliant executions both musically and lyrically.

1. “Good People”

Share Ranks listed this song as the second best with “Fortunate Fool” in the first position, with some others dropping it down to the 10th best, but we moved it up to number one. In the times we’re living in, we’re seeing how many “Good People” exist in the world. Stories of heroes and those who help total strange are everywhere. Perhaps the recent pandemic has made us stop and consider what is important in life. It’s caring for one another, even if we’re strangers.

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