Why Pusha T Has Been Officially Blackballed from Children’s Books

If you’ve been a hip-hop fan since the early 2000s, you probably remember when Pusha T first stepped on the music scene with his brother, Malice. Together, the two formed a duo called The Clipse, and they went on to release three successful albums. After taking a few years away from the spotlight, Pusha returned as a solo artist in the early 2010s, and he released his solo debut, My Name Is My Name, in 2013. Younger people probably know Pusha T best from his very public feud with Drake. Whether rapping with his brother or doing his own thing, Push has always been known for his witty rhymes and aggressive lyrics about moving bricks of cocaine. Little did Pusha know, however, the content of his rhymes would ultimately keep him from doing something else he wants to do. Here’s why Pusha T isn’t allowed to write children’s books.

Why Can’t Pusha T Publish A Children’s Book?

In May of 2021, one of Push’s fans tweeted, “I know what it’s written about but when I play Keys Open Doors for my two-year-old it is actually a non-double-entendre educational song. I’m saying Clipse is for the children. Shout out @PUSHA_T”. To many people’s surprise, Push responded and shared that he’s been trying to write a children’s book “for years” but no one will publish him. He didn’t go into detail about why he can’t find a publisher, but it probably has something to do with the content of his lyrics.

After all, illegal drugs, violence, and children are three things that don’t typically go together. Any publishing company that is familiar with his music is probably nervous about the consequences of working with him. Plus,there are probably a lot of parents out there who wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a book for their child from someone who once said: Beef is best served like steak: well done/Get a gun in your face, bi**h ni**a/Beef will have you praying to God/Move your kids, have you hiding your mom”.

Self Publishing Could Be An Option

Sure, Pusha’ T’s reputation as a writer doesn’t make him the most marketable candidate to be a children’s book author. On the other hand, though, Pusha T’s lyrics don’t define who he is as a person, and he may very well be able to write a great children’s book.

If he’s serious about wanting to put a book out, there are some self-publishing options that will allow him to release something without the help of a big company. Some people even responded to his tweet with suggestions on how he can accomplish his goal. Despite all of the people who don’t think it’s qualified, there’s also a large number of people who would definitely pick up a children’s book written by him. If Pusha T does end up writing a book, it’ll be interesting to see what it’s about. It could also be a great way for him to share a different side of himself with the world.

Why Does Pusha T Want To Write A Children’s Book In The First Place?

Pusha T wanting to write a children’s book seems incredibly random to most people. Unfortunately, in his tweet, Pusha didn’t share any details about the motivation behind his wanting to write the book. Outside of rap, however, Pusha is a devoted family man. He and his wife, Virginia, have one son together who was born in the summer of 2020. His reason for wanting to write the book likely has something to do with the fact that he has a child. Pusha T takes his role as a father very seriously and writing a book could potentially be a great gift for his son.

What’s Next For Pusha T?

Pusha T’s book-writing dreams may be on hold for now, but his pen is busy working in other ways. He is in the process of working on his fourth solo album which he claims will be the “best” record of 2021. He hasn’t shared much information about the project just yet, but he’s made it clear that it’s in the works. According to Revolt, Push said, “I haven’t titled it. Probably 12 [songs]. I usually don’t do a lot of extras.” He added, “I feel like I have some extras right now but I’m gonna keep 12…I gotta go sit in with ’Ye for a little bit but other than that it’s just these 12. That’s what it’s gonna be.”

Since it’s been three years since his last release, there are lots of people who are looking forward to hearing what Push has been cooking up.

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