Tool new album Fear Inoculum is here and what we know so far

Tool has released the new album in 13 years, titled ‘Fear Inoculum‘ is here and what we know so far.

After 13 years later we met this fabulous Tool‘s album. Since they’re first announced in May fans is so hungry for what’s coming with this album. This fifth full-length album 79-minute record. We are so greedy and it’s been 13 long years since the band last released a record—2006’s album 10,000 Days. After that album, we wait long long years and the band at their May 5 Welcome to Rockville festival show. In this concert, the band perform their new song “Descending” and “Invincible,” however both of which are included on this album.

Everything we know about Tool new album: Fear Inoculum

Everything we know about Tool new album: Fear Inoculum

After the first surprise, they also release the first demo ‘78286‘ in the streaming service for the first time. Then Tool added their all albums on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Maynard James Keenan spoke for the new album concept and explains what’s happened, “I feel like this is wisdom through age, through experience. Hopefully, through aging, you find wisdom in some of the things you’ve encountered. Learning from your mistakes, learning from your successes. So if anything is a broad stroke of this album, it would be embracing where we are right now, acknowledging where we’ve come from and some of the things we’ve grown through.

Tool‘s new album Fear Inoculum is finally out on today. Also, you can listen to the new album below.

Check out the Spotify listen link below.

Fear Inoculum tracklist

1. Fear Inoculum

2. Pneuma

3. Invincible

4. Descending

5. Culling Voices

6. Chocolate Chip Trip

7. 7empest

Album digital tracklist

1. “Fear Inoculum”

2. “Pneuma”

3. “Litanie Contre la Peur” (French for “Litany Against Fear”)

4. “Invincible”

5. “Legion Inoculant”

6. “Descending”

7. “Culling Voices”

8. “Chocolate Chip Trip”

9. “7empest”

10. “Mockingbeat”

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