Taylor Momsen interview for ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ album delays

 Taylor Momsen reveals who also the frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless band’s upcoming album delays. The band’s made the decision to delays its new album, ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ until next year.

During on appearance on Forbes, The Pretty Reckless vocalist Taylor Momsen talks for the band’s new album decisions. ‘Death By Rock And Roll‘ is the upcoming album title also first single released last June. However, the upcoming album which has recently been delayed into 2021. Because of the due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite that the decision there’s still more to come from The Pretty Reckless in 2020.

Taylor Momsen interview for the details about ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ album:

“I wouldn’t say setbacks, the main reason for delaying it was simply because putting out a few songs and not being able to play them is one thing, but putting out a full album and not being able to tour is crazy. Now, who knows when touring is going to come back, I keep hearing different things and the date keeps getting later and later. We can’t wait forever, eventually, we’ll just put it out, but that was kind of the main reason for it, and as I said, it’s kind of just the waiting game now.”

Momsen also added:

“I mean I haven’t seen the band in months, and right before this all started we were in rehearsals like we had some of the best touring of our career lined up. It was Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Gary Clark Jr., Pearl Jam, and all the festivals, the list went on and on and then it all just came to a halt. So hopefully soon we’re at least going to be able to get back in a room, the four of us, and start playing again. As much as I love sitting at home and being lazy and playing songs for fun by myself, it’s certainly not the same.”

For this upcoming album, Tom Morello guests on “And So It Went“. He joined guests Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron from SOUNDGARDEN. They also appear on the “Only Love Can Save Me Now” song. You can listen and watch The Pretty Reckless – ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ single below.

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