Justin Bieber Reveals Rocky-themed Music Video for the ‘Anyone’ Song

Justin Bieber is giving his fans a New Year’s gift with his single “Anyone“. The Rocky-themed clip of the song is interesting.

Bieber is one of the fastest-starting artists in the new year and gave his fans the song “Anyone” as a 2021 gift with his video clip. This song for Justin Bieber is the best way to say goodbye to 2020 and celebrate 2021.

“Music has gotten us all through so much this year, and for me personally it’s been healing and transformative. ‘Anyone’ is such a special, hopeful, anthemic song. It sets the tone for a brighter new year full of hope and possibility.”

The music video for the song “Anyone” was directed by Colin Tilley, and Justin Bieber starred with Zoey Dutch in the clip. This rocky-themed clip reached millions of viewers in a short time and was highly appreciated. The clip was shot professionally and resembles a movie.

In the clip, we see Bieber as a boxer training in his backyard. While the car is moving, he runs beside him and beats his rivals for loved ones. On the canvas, almost down for the count, savaged and bruised, he is inspired to rise to deliver the knock-out blow. The scenes are just like the exercises Sylvester Stallone did in the Rocky movie.

Bieber released the song “Holy” with Lewisham and the Greenwich NHS Choir in December and became a partner in a charity project.

You can watch the “Anyone” video below, shared by Justin Bieber to celebrate the new year.

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