Every Stick To Your Guns Album Ranked

Stick To Your Guns albums ranked

Stick To Your Guns is a hardcore band that has changed members and genres countless times. The influence behind this band is huge within the scene. From being considered straight up hardcore with a little bit of punk infused. The band has truly become a combination of both styles and earned the title of hardcore punk. Throughout every album you can find a very similar lyric style and deliverance that pleases fans of both genres. Below, we ranked the band’s albums in our Stick To Your Guns albums ranked list.

6. True View

The latest full-length release from Stick To Your Guns, the band keeps their political ideology from past records. This record also has a bit of a conceptual aspect to it. While the band generally displays a specific headspace per album, in terms of concept. Before releasing this album, Stick To Your Guns released an EP called Better Ash Than Dust.


5. Comes From The Heart

Comes From The Heart is the band’s second release and follows the same sound found on their debut of hardcore. Compared to the band’s first release, Comes From The Heart carries the same weight of hardcore as the first album. Comes From The Heart is full of two-step, mosh pit inducing songs, very similarly to For What It’s Worth. This album earned its placement as fifth on our Stick To Your Guns albums ranked list. Due to how to showed the band’s ability to hold a certain sound.


4. Disobedient

Disobedient sees the band evolve from the hardcore punk sound found on Diamond, and explore more into it and find a more definitive sound within that one. This album had some guest features that truly rounded out the hardcore punk sound the band is now commonly known for. Stick To Your Guns vocalist Jesse Barnett has stated that while he doesn’t regret the album, he wishes it came out differently. With a statement like that, it appears that the band may have wanted a more punk than hardcore sound, maybe we’ll find out with a 10 year anniversary.


3. Diamond

Possibly the most heavily supported and promoted album from the band, Diamond saw a huge change in sound from the band, compared to their previously purely hardcore sound. Diamond saw the founding of the band’s hardcore punk sound that they’ve carried with them from this point forward. Diamond is a record that Stick To Your Guns was very technical on, much like The Hope Division, but this album sees more of the hardcore punk sound, instead of mostly hardcore. On the album the band featured a large amount of well placed voice recording of Gandhi on his thoughts on certain aspects of the world. Gandhi is a huge influence on the band, as they are always looking to make the world a better place, as he did.


2. For What It’s Worth

For What It’s Worth is not only the band’s debut album but their overall heaviest album to date. While the band has always been considered hardcore in one form or another, this album is different. For What It’s Worth is slightly less punk and more hardcore but the band’s punk influences are still very clear. While this album is very heavy, it’s also quite fast and as someone that’s seen the band perform this album, it’s highly energetic from beginning to end. This album earned its placement as second on our Stick To Your Guns albums ranked list due how intense this album was and immediately put the band at the forefront of hardcore.


1. The Hope Division

The Hope Division has earned its placement as number one on our Stick To Your Guns albums ranked list due to its true mixture of every stage of their career that the band has faced. While the band quickly abandoned this sound as they progressed, elements of this stage of their careers can be heard in every release after. The Hope Division is the band’s most technical album as well, featuring insane riffs and breakdowns that make you full of rage for justice.


Overall, I think that the growth we’ve seen from Stick To Your Guns is nothing short of incredible. I can’t think of a better example of a band evolving than Stick To Your Guns change of sound per release. Most recently, Stick To Your Guns released an acoustic EP, The Meaning Remains.

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