The 10 Best Amy Grant Songs of All Time

Amy Grant

Amy Grant is a gospel singer who found tremendous success in the mainstream. The music business can be a fickle industry, but Amy Grant became successful while she was still in her teen years. After establishing herself solidly as a Contemporary Christian music artist, she made an easy transition from Christian music to secular. This was another spectacular eat as it’s hard enough to make it in one niche of the industry, but she used her incredible singing talents to show how a successful crossover is done. She has performed duets with other pop artists including Peter Cetera and others on songs that made the charts. Here are the 10 best Amy Grant songs of all time, based on their popularity with fans through the decades.

10. “That’s What Love is For”

“That’s What Love is For” was released in 1991, making it to the number 7 slot in the United States music charts and number sixty in the United Kingdom. The song is from the Heart In Motion album. The ballad-style tune describes the power of love to help us find the strength to keep trying and moving on to live our lives.

9. “The Next Time I Fall”

“The Next Time I Fall” is a song that Amy performed in a duet with Peter Cetera from his Solitude/Solitaire album. It became a number one hit on charts in the US right after its release in 1986. This is the second secular song that Amy released that achieved success in the mainstream. She and Cetera were nominated for a Grammy award for Best Duo or Group for their incredible performance of the song.

8. Takes A Little Time”

This song is from Behind the Eyes album that was released in 1997. The album charted at number eight in the United States, and the single “Takes A Little Time” me it to number twenty-one at its most popular. This is a significant song in Amy’s history as it was the last tune to appear on the Hot 100 charts, in her career.

7. “Lucky One”

“Lucky One” was released on the House Of Love album, released in 1994. The song climbed in popularity with Amy Grant fans, partly because of its similarity to “Baby Baby.” It reached number eighteen in United States music charts and went to number sixty at its high point in the United Kingdom, where Grant also had a large fan base.

6. “Every Heartbeat”

“Every Heartbeat was released at the same time that “Baby Baby” came out on the Heart In Motion” album in 1991. The song made it to number two on US music charts, and number twenty-five in the United Kingdom. This song made it clear that Amy Grant had made a solid transition as a crossover artist from gospel music to the mainstream.

5. “Grown-Up Christmas List”

“Grown-Up Christmas List” is a song that Grant released in 1992 on the Home For Christmas album. She sang the song written by David Foster and Linda Thomspon-Jenner that had previously been recorded by Natalie Cole. Amy put her spin on the song and it became a tremendous success and favorite of fans who love Christmas music. It receives a lot of airplay around the holidays.

4. “Baby Baby”

“Baby Baby” is one of the biggest hits of Amy Grant’s career. It was released in 1991 on the Heart In Motion album, five years after she had released a previous number one hit in the United States music charts, according to Billboard. This song also charted at number one in the US and number two in the United Kingdom. It was such a big success that the album sold more than five million copies.

3. “Find A Way”

“Find A Way” is a popular Amy Grant song that was released in 1985 on the Unguarded album. It charted at number twenty-nine in the United States. This was a song that helped Amy to begin to break into secular pop music after spending years as a contemporary Christian music artist. This song was the first of Amy’s releases to make it to the Top 40 hits on the Billboard chart. It was the first of many more smash hits and the huge success that would follow, according to Logo.

2. “Lead Me On”

“Lead Me On” is a song that Amy Grant released in 1988 on her album titled Lead Me On. The song reached number ninety-si in the Billboard top 100 in the United States. This is a special song in Amy Grant’s career history because it helped to serve s a bridge after she made a release of secular songs. Still in the Contemporary Christian music genre, it was an important song to her fans who supported Grant’s decision to make the transition. It became a big hit for her and it inspired those who believe in the Christian faith.

1. “El Shaddai”

“El Shaddai” is a song that became popular in Contemporary Christian music circles, according to Wikipedia. The song was released on the Age To Age album in 1982, on Myrrh Records. This was Grant’s fourth studio album. The song “Age to Age was Amy’s breakthrough album. The song was so powerful that it helped to propel her career as a gospel singer to new heights. The hit gave Grant star status in the Christian music industry. Her performance of the song was rousing and it stirred the souls of listeners. This remains one of the most popular songs of Grant’s career as a Christian artist. It is still a favorite for many of Amy Grant’s fans.

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