The 10 Best Phil Wickham Songs of All-Time

Phill Wickham

When his fourth album, “Heaven and Earth,” hit the stores back in 2009, Phil Wickham was already a popular name in the gospel music circles. Just as his career had taken off with the release of several successful studio albums, Phil Wickham was sidelined with a vocal injury in 2014.

In 2016 he overcame his injury and saw a significant resurgence in his musical career, spiritually and commercially. Phil Wickham was born and raised in a religious household in San Diego, California.

His parents were former band members of the group Parable, who encouraged his musical exploits very early. Phil Wickham has released ten albums and has also been nominated and won major gospel music awards.

From his self-produced debut album, “Give You My World,” which was released in 2003, Phil Wickham has continued to inspire hearts and influence people to encounter God. Despite the vocal cords problems that prescribed him to a month of silence to allow healing of the surgical site, Phil has managed to release four more albums. Here is our list of the top 10 best Phil Wickham songs of all time.

10. Your Love Awakens Me

Phil Wickham has faced a couple of challenges throughout his career and life, and the song “Your Love Awakens Me” is a celebration of the amazing, unfailing love of Jesus Christ. The track is based on one of his all-time favorite Bible verses from the book of Ephesians chapter 2, which talks about giving thanks to God for loving us even when we have sinned and saving us through Jesus Christ. He concludes by saying that God’s love is greater than our sins, the grave, and it awakens us to live our lives with purpose and passion.

9. Till I Found You

According to Phil Wickham, the idea of the song “Till I found You” came when he was leading the praise and worship at his church, and he would see the number of people that got forward to respond to the gospel. Phil Wickham was amazed by the beauty of the moment, which inspired him to write the song alongside Travis Ryan. The genre of the song is electronic R&B, and you are sure to hear the vocal range spans of Phil Wickham, which span from C-sharp to B. The track performed well on the charts and peaked at position nine on the US HOT Christian songs chart.

8. You Cannot Be Stopped

There are worship songs that solely praise God, while others increase faith in our hearts. “You Cannot Be Stopped,” a track co-written by Phil Wickham and Chris Quilala, falls on both sides. Though it is not the song that Phil Wickham is widely known for, it passes a brilliant and beautiful message through its powerful lyrics and beautiful tunes.

7. Safe

“Safe” is a song from Phil Wickham’s album, “Heaven and Earth,” which was released in November 2009. “Safe” is a timeless gospel track that talks to people who are enduring hard times. It speaks of how God can change hopeless situations into situations that will give Him glory. The track has, over the years, attracted positive critical response peaked at position 4 on Billboard’s U.S Christian songs chart.

6. Children of God

Many Christian music fans who have listened to Phil Wickham understand that “Children of God” is Phil at his best. The track is the eighth song from his album with a similar name that was released after Phil recovered from his vocal cords injury. Though the song is not perfect, it contains some anointing moments that no Christian would want to miss. The song contains some beautiful sounds, and the poetic lyrics ensure that Wickham does not disappoint.

5. Messiah/You’re Beautiful

This song was released with the sole purpose of showing people the majesty of God through acknowledging His creations. The song was written by Phil Wickham and was released in October 2007. Despite not referencing God directly, the song borrows heavily from various scriptures in the Bible, especially the books of Psalms, Mark, Romans, Corinthians, and The Book of Revelation.

4. Great Things

“Great Things” was released in 2018 from Phil Wickham’s seventh studio album, “Living Hope.” Phi wrote the song alongside Jonas Myrin and produced it in collaboration with Jonathan Smith. The song was born out of the need to have worship songs that were more upbeat but still had the right message to start church services at Harvest Christina Fellowship, where Phil was a member.

3. The Secret Place

“The Secret Place” is one of the best songs from Phil Wickham’s album, “Children of God.” Listening to this song will increase your desire to worship God. Listening to it will have you looking for your Bible or kneeling to pray intensely to God. In the song, Wickham asks where you will turn to when everything goes awry. As a Christian, you will be quick to cite God, who he refers to as “You.”

2. This is Amazing Grace

“This is Amazing Grace” is the lead song from Phil Wickham’s fifth album, “The Ascension.” The voice of Phil Wickham in the song is comforting, and the lyrics are simple and easy to absorb. The song has been certified platinum, and it peaked at position 4 in the US Christian Albums chart in 2014.

1. Living Hope

If you want a summary of the gospel in about five minutes, you need to listen to this song. “Living Hope” is the lead single from Phil Wickham’s album with the same name. The track was co-written alongside Brian Johnson from Bethel Music through text. Isn’t that amazing? The song conveys the message about how God has rescued us from places that we couldn’t rescue ourselves. He saved us through Jesus Christ from our future which was death. The track entered the Hot Christians Songs Chart at position 35 and peaked at number 10 after 35 weeks. The song also won the GMA Dove Award for the worship recorded song of the year.

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