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Ozzy Osbourne has done 15 tracks for his new album: “It’s kept me alive”

Ozzy Osbourne talked about his mental health during the pandemic and how he managed to keep it in a good state. He also mentioned his new album.

Just like every one of us, famous musicians are going through hard times during the lockdown. Ozzy Osbourne seems to be one of those who are affected negatively by the pandemic. He had an accident in 2019 at home and that was also a major contributor to his bad experience during the pandemic. However, creating music kept Osbourne sane during that period.

Ozzy Osbourne has shared the status of his new album in a recent interview. He has also talked about the importance of music for his mental health. Talking to Metal Hammer, the popular musician had the following to say.

Ozzy Osbourne on new music: “It’s kept me alive”

“I’ve done 15 tracks,” he says. “It’s kept me alive you know. These past two years I’ve been in a terrible fucking state between the accident [His accident when he injured himself at home in 2019] and then the pandemic. It’s kept me sane – I’ve needed the music.”

Ozzy Osbourne also mentioned how far he was with the production process of his new album. We do not know the title of the new album yet.

“I struggle a bit, but slowly but surely we’re getting there. My only concern right now is finishing the bloody thing,” Ozzy Osbourne said. “We’ve got the same production time as the last time, so there’s definitely going to be some similarities. But you’ll just have to wait and see what you think.”

We don’t know when Ozzy Osbourne is going to release the album. However, there are some exciting reports about Osbourne’s new album. They hold that the album is going to feature musicians like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and Foo Fighters. This comes from Ozzy’s producer Andrew Watt, who also reports that they are halfway done with the album.

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