Kiss Manager interview: “Might bring out all the Kiss members”

Kiss Manager Doc McGhee talks for the band’s last-ever concert and more about the band. He has also managed Kiss since 1995.

The band already ended up with their farewell tour. But Kiss will make a final show which this concert scheduled to take place in NYC on July 17, 2021. Also, there are a few rumors about how the show will end and if there is any truth. The band may bring on all the original members.

A few questions asked manager Doc McGhee and he talked about the band’s ongoing farewell tour and their final concert:

“It’s going to be great. It’s going to be worthy of the end of the road. It will be worthy to the 45 years of KISS, the last month for sure. We want to celebrate everybody and we might bring out all the former members. We’d like to. Nobody says we hate this guy; we hate that guy; we want everybody who wants to come out.”

Also, Doc McGhee talks at last November for all living ex-band members have been taking part in the final show and added:

“We want to include everybody that played with the band to celebrate the 45 years of the band. And everybody – [guitarist] Vinnie Vincent and everybody else – that played with KISS is part of this whole celebration of 45 years. So, we’re still looking at what we’re gonna do on the final show of KISS.”

Kiss probably make their final concert in New York City on July 17, 2021. You can read Doc McGhee‘s full interview here.

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