The 10 Best Lonestar Songs of All-Time


Lonestar is a country music vocal band that has been performing since 1992. Over the years, they have appealed to a number of different audiences because some of their songs sound more like traditional country music and others sound like they’re leaning more toward pop music. While almost all of their songs have a bit of a country twang to them, some are more appealing to a larger audience than others. This makes them an appealing band to individuals who don’t routinely listen to country music. At the same time, they have managed to keep the favor of those die-hard country music fans who won’t listen to anything else. Below are 10 of their best songs, ranked from number 10 to number one, complete with YouTube links for each one. Go have a listen and figure out which one is your favorite.

10. Let’s Be Us Again (2004)


Some people might consider this the quintessential make-up song, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. As a matter of fact, the song is rather sad in nature. It’s about two people who have stopped doing the things they used to do when they were truly in love. It’s almost as if they have a desire to still be in love with one another, yet they can’t quite find that spark that used to be part of their relationship. The song discusses the pain that comes with this realization and the hope that they can somehow rekindle their romance.

9. Everything’s Changed (1997)


This is a song about high school sweethearts who eventually broke up and went their separate ways. The singer stayed in the small town where the two of them grew up and the other person in the relationship left. All of a sudden, she comes back years later. He tells her that everything in the town is different from how it used to be. He goes on to focus on how each of the places that were special to them has changed. He then tells her that the only thing that hasn’t changed is how much he loves her.

8. Not a Day Goes By (2001)


This is a heartbreaking song that talks about two people who have broken up. The singer still thinks about his significant other every single day, missing and wishing that she would come back to him. He goes on to write her a love letter, if you will, which become the lyrics of the song. He talks of not being able to rest or find joy because he is constantly thinking about her and wishing that she was still by his side.

7. Mr. Mom (2004)


This is probably one of the funniest songs the band has ever recorded. A man has lost his job, so he comes home and tells his wife. She volunteers to go to work until he finds something else, provided he agrees to stay home and take care of the kids. He can’t wait to agree, thinking it’s going to be easy. Soon, he realizes just how hard it is to take care of a bunch of kids, all while cooking, cleaning, running errands and juggling finances. Before it’s all said and done, he ends up trying to find another job so he won;t have to do it anymore, only he now has a whole new level of appreciation for his wife.

6. Tequila Talkin’ (1995)


As you might have already guessed, this is a song about drinking a bit too much and then saying things you wish you hadn’t said. Anybody who has ever done this knows that feeling you have when you sober up and start to remember bits and pieces of the conversation. You then end up trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so you can sort out exactly what you did and didn’t say.

5. Walking in Memphis (1991)


This is an iconic song that has been made popular by a number of different artists over the years. It’s also one of the songs performed by the band that affords them the opportunity to branch out a bit, exploring areas of music that they don’t normally dive into. Their rendition is just as powerful and poignant as any. It’s no wonder that die-hard fans love it, all while giving the band a chance to pull in new fans that may not have heard their music in the past.

4. My Front Porch Looking In (2003)


This is a song about achieving your dreams and being grateful for the blessings that are right in front of your eyes. It talks about having a simple life, yet also having everything that’s really important. The song then talks about making the most of what you have with the people that matter the most to you.

3. No News (1995)


This is another rather hilarious song about a breakup, only this time it’s told in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner. The girl leaves and she’s not coming back. It seems that everyone in town knows that, except for the guy she left. He’s still hoping she’ll return one day, and the list of things he goes through is absolutely side-splitting.

2. Amazed (1999)


The song is about someone who feels like it’s impossible for him to fall in love. He has always considered himself a loner, yet here he is, completely enamored with the love of his life. The song deals with the remarkable difference that love can make and it’s told in a beautiful, poetic manner.

1. I’m Already There (2001)

Every person who has ever been forced to spend time away from someone they genuinely love can identify with this song. The song itself talks about being miles away from someone who is so special they could easily be called a soul mate. The lyrics go on to discuss how even though they both desperately want to be together, they realize that they don’t have to be in the same physical location in order to feel the love that they share for one another. It’s a beautiful, moving song that will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes.

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