The 10 Best Kevin Fowler Songs of All-Time

Have you heard of Kevin Fowler? If you aren’t already familiar with his work, you might be missing out on something you’d genuinely enjoy. The 57-year-old singer-songwriter from Amarillo, Texas likes to perform his own material.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of that material, as he has released five studio albums thus far. It’s also worth noting that no less than four of his singles have found their way onto the Billboard Hot Country charts.

That’s not a bad track record, especially when you consider the fact that one of those songs, “Pound Sign,” made it into the top 40. Whether you’re already a dedicated fan or you’re only just now becoming familiar with his work, here are 10 of his best songs.

Take a little time to have a listen and see what you think. Is he your new favorite country artist?

10. Best Mistake I Ever Made (2007)

There’s no question about it, everyone makes mistakes. The truth of the matter is that people make mistakes every single day. A lot of people tend to think about their mistakes as something that they’d like to correct or change.

This is a song that celebrates making mistakes as a way of growing and becoming more well-rounded as a human being. In this particular case, it kicks things up a notch or two and even celebrates the mistake as being something of a happy accident.

If you really want to think about things on a deeper level for a moment, it poses the question of whether or not you should regret those mistakes as much as you probably have in the past, or if you should look at them as a positive thing instead of something negative.

9. Here’s to Me and You (2011)

Everyone likes the idea of drinking a toast to themselves and their significant other. That’s basically what this song centers around. It celebrates all of the trials and tribulations that couples often go through in order to arrive at a place where they’ve grown not only as individuals, but together. You might even think of it as a love song that speaks more to the idea of enduring love rather than the hot, passionate love that only lasts for a season or two.

8. Ain’t Drinkin’ Anymore (2004)

People have a tendency to make promises that they might not be able to keep. For anyone who has ever struggled with drinking a bit too much, it can be easy to say that there won’t be any more alcohol in one breath and then turn around and break that promise the next time cravings hit. In short, this is a song that more or less tells it like it is when it comes to this type of thing.

7. Long Line Of Losers (2007)

The title of this particular tune doesn’t sound very happy, does it? Like so many other country songs, it is one of those pieces of music that tends to talk about the more melancholy side of life than anything else.

In part, it’s supposed to be a bit cheeky but the underlying meaning deals with the idea of coming from a family that hasn’t experienced a great deal of personal or financial success. With each new generation, there is a hope that this generational curse, if you will, will be broken. Unfortunately, hopes are dashed as virtually every person in the family continues down the same road as the person before them.

6. Hell Yeah, I Like Beer (2011)

What more can really be said about this particular song? The title says it all. It is not one of those songs with a deep meaning, but instead one that is meant to be more lighthearted. Just as you’ve almost certainly already guessed, the whole song is something of a tribute to the act of drinking beer.

5. Lord Loves the Drinkin’ Man (2002)

If you wanted to, you could piggyback this one and the song in the previous paragraph so that they play one right after the other. This is another song that is all about the joy derived from drinking beer. This time, they carry it a step further and imply that the good Lord tends to love those who drink just a little bit more.

4. Hard Man to Love (2004)

Everybody can be hard to love sometimes. It doesn’t matter how kind or agreeable you are, there are times when you will undoubtedly have your moments. The thing is, some people tend to have those types of moments more than others. When that happens, it can be more difficult to feel an intense amount of love for that person. That is precisely what this song is about.

3. 100% Texan (2000)

People who are born and raised in Texas tend to be proud of that fact. For the most part, they seem to consider themselves to be in a league of their own. This is a tune that should make any fellow Texan proud.

2. That Girl (2011)

Have you ever had one person that you fell in love with and never quite got over? Maybe it was a first love and you still remember it like it was yesterday. In a way, this song celebrates those types of relationships. In another way, it discusses how hard it can be to deal with this particular type of relationship, largely because yo never fully get over it.

1. Pound Sign (2010)

This song is truly funny. It’s easy to see why it became so popular among fans. It’s all about the desire that most of us have to say bad words from time to time. However, the storyteller is worried that kids might be listening and so he ends up spelling out the “bad word” in much the same way you would do if you were texting someone. It’s light-hearted but also relatable, making it the perfect mixture of comedy and truth.

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