The 10 Best Rings of Saturn Songs of All-Time

Rings of Saturn

The self-proclaimed aliencore metal band known as Rings of Saturn first came together as a band in 2009, hailing out of Bay Area, California. In the beginning, there really was no intent to actually form as a regular group, but this changed after agreeing to sign up as a label through Unique Leader Records. They are known for their use of heavy technical performances that focus on the extraterrestrial. Ever since first coming together as a band, they have recorded and released a total of five studio albums, as well as a remastered compilation album. Their third album (Lugal Ki En) made it to #126 in 2014 and their fourth album (Ultu Ulla) reached #76 after its 2017 release. Their fifth and most successful album to date (Gidim), debuted at #22 on the US Billboard 200. Lucas Mann is the only current member of Rings of Saturn that has been with the band since the very beginning. Since 2009, he has performed as a guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. Peter Pawlak, who is also among the founders from 2009, was on vocals for the first two years before his replacement, Ian Bearer, became the band’s frontman from 2012 until 2021. Once Bearer left, Pawlak has returned to the lineup but has only done so part-time as it was announced Rings of Saturn are now opting to move forward as an instrumental band. Also currently playing with Rings of Saturn is Joel Omans (bass and guitar) and Mike Caputo (drums). Former founder, Brent Silletto served as the band’s original drummer until leaving at the same time as Pawlak in late 2011. Throughout the years, there has been a number of musicians that have come and gone, especially between the years of 2011 to 2013, as there seemed to be some issues to find solid replacements to serve on bass and drums.

10. Abducted


The original 2010 version of (Abducted) comes from the band’s debut album (Embryonic Anomaly), which was released independently on May 25, 2010. This album would be the one and only that would feature Peter Pawlak on vocals before leaving the band. Long-term fans of Rings of Saturn especially enjoy the twist of humor involved with the song as the band is using the album to officially announce they’re an aliencore band and not simply another deathcore band.

9. Abducted, 10th Anniversary Remake


The debut album Rings of Saturn released in 2010 returns as a CD (Embryonic Anomaly Remastered) in February 2021. Fans remembering the original version to Abducted often comment how they prefer the more energized version that features Ian Bearer as the vocalist this time instead of Pawlak. Interestingly enough, as the 2010 release of Embryonic Anomaly had Pawlak leaving the band afterward, so is the case with Bearer leaving after the 2021 remastered release. Pawlak returns as a vocalist, but only for tours and session performances.

8. Mental Prolapse


Coming from their 2019 album (Gidim), the song (Mental Prolapse) earns its place as a favorite among the fans of Rings of Saturn as they talk about how this would be the band’s final work before the COVID-19 lockdown, which started in early 2020. The most common comment among their fans was being fortunate enough to see the band in concert before the pandemic lockdown. Mental Prolapse seems to serve as something of a symbolic anthem among metalcore fans who used songs like this to get them through a difficult period in recent human history.

7. The Relic


The album (Ultu Ulla) was first released in 2017 and given an 8.5 out of 10 by Metal Injection, classifying it as a fun album to hear. The song (The Relic) does as the rest of the album’s tracks do, which is showcase the raw talent of the entire band as they continue to make their mark as uniquely effective among their fans.

6. Seized and Devoured


The song (Seized and Devoured) comes from their debut album (Embryonic Anomaly), which was first released independently, then re-released shortly afterward through the record label known as Unique Leader in 2010. At the timing of the recording, there were only three core members of Rings of Saturn, all of whom were still high-school teenagers at the time. Even at such a young age, their talent is obvious and appreciated by their fans. Whether the vocal talent of Peter Pawlak shines through this song or it’s played as an instrumental piece, the fans still consider it a favorite.

5. Margitta


Relying heavily on their self-proclaimed aliencore style of music, Rings of Saturn’s (Margitta) from their album (Ulta Ulla), hammers home to their fans the humorous nature that hints its way into their performances. As seriously as the band wants to be taken as a professional-level metal group, they’re considerably more light-hearted in other matters. This song adds to the appeal that rightfully classifies it as aliencore as opposed to the deathcore labeling they’ve received from the music industry.

4. The Husk


Debuting on the US Billboard Top 200 at #22 is the 2019 album (Gidim), which features the song (The Husk). This album would prove to be the final Rings of Saturn release that would feature a lead vocalist as Ian Bearer’s departure prompted the band to reach this decision. Although Peter Pawlak has returned to perform vocals, that’s only during tours and sessions. The Husk remains a favorite among the fans as it’s still often requested on radio stations that cater to the heavy metal/metalcore genres.

3. Parallel Shift


When Rings of Saturn released their 2017 album (Ultu Ulla), already both critics and fans knew it would be an epic addition to the deathcore genre. The song (Parallel Shift) plays a powerfully instrumental role as to what makes this album a favorite. Fans of the band take notice of how much the band has evolved over the years and how the music has matured with them.

2. Senseless Massacre


The lead song coming from the band’s 2014 album (Lugal Ki En) also lead the band, Rings of Saturn, into realizing their first chart rank with their album on the US Billboard 200 chart. Some of their fans even hint listening to the song (Senseless Massacre) is almost like listening to the Beatles if they had opted to go into performing metalcore music.

1. Inadequate


Released in 2017, along with their album (Ultu Ulla), is where even metalcore fans who aren’t exactly fans of Rings of Saturn even agree that this song, as well as the album, is their best work to date. The riffs involved in the music, especially at the one-minute mark, serves as the major draw that has fans keep wanting to listen to more.

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