10 Awesome Songs About Surrender

Celine Dion

To surrender means calling a truce with someone you were at loggerheads with or something bugging your mind. In other cases, it could mean you love someone or something deeply, and that surrendering is the only way to portray your expression. Either way, we’ve all had moments where we surrender to ease the burden off our shoulders. One way of showing you submit is through a song. Here are 10 Awesome songs about surrender you should try listening to.

10. “Surrender” by Cheap Trick

According to Repeat Replay, Surrender by Cheap Trick talks about parents being overprotective of their children. The child wonders why he cannot do anything without his parents’ involvement. To the parents, all they want is the best for their child, but they’ve gone overboard. In the long run, the overprotectiveness costs their child’s happiness. Best line: “Surrender, but don’t give yourself away.

9. “Surrender” by Birdy

“Surrender” by Birdy talks of a woman living with regrets because her love is slowly slipping away from her fingers. Some people argue that Birdy might have gone through a rough patch with her lover and admits that she’s wrong to mistreat him. To ensure her lover is convinced that she’s remorseful, she surrenders to him. It’s not every day that someone admits they were wrong, but the offended party should treat the apology as a surrender when they do. Best line: “The wilderness inside.”

8. “I Surrender All” by Amy Grant

The best way to lead a holy life is by surrendering your heart, soul, and mind to Christ. You expect Jesus to accept you as a sinner and treat you like one of his lambs. “I Surrender All” by Amy Grant is an expression of accepting defeat and yearning for the love of Christ. Once you surrender, Christ will welcome you to his flock and make you earn your worth. Listen to this song to worship the Almighty.

7. “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship

There are times when you wake up feeling defeated. Perhaps you’ve not paid your bills following a job dismissal or are about to sit your exams but are anxious if you’ll pass it. Sometimes, all it takes is to listen to a worship song to uplift your spirits. We like “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship because it creates the cornerstone teachings of Christianity. So, whether you’re born again or trying to work your way around it, this track will help you get started. Listen to this song whenever you feel defeated.

6. “I Surrender” by Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a famous French-Canadian singer known for her powerful voice. Her song, “I Surrender,” is a tremendous pop ballad expressing her emotions quite well. You might notice that she talks about staying in a toxic relationship upon listening to the lyrics. Eventually, she meets a new lover and is ready to let go of her ex. She declares that she’s prepared to surrender her all to make her new lover notice her worth. Listen to this therapeutic song to restore lost hope.

5. “You’re Going To Be OK” by Brian and Jenn Johnson

What’s worse than being in a dark place alone and no one is willing to help you come back to the light? We’ve all gone through a rough patch, and the only thing left is to find something to reduce the tension. “You’re Going to be OK” by Brian, and Jenn Johnson is more of a hope restoration song. However, before hope is restored, the first thing you need to do is surrender. Listen to this song if you feel like heading into the dungeon.

4. “Surrender” by Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s demise might have hit fans in the worst ways possible, but his music lives on. Unlike the songs on this list, his track “Surrender” is about a lady who claims to love him but doesn’t have anything to show. Committing to a relationship is fun and games until the aggrieved party walks away. He tells the lady to surrender her love for him instead of going in circles to pass his message. The message is to show people that saying you submit is easier said than done. Dedicate this song to your lover to express your emotions.

3. “Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan

“Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan has many interpretations. Some critics claim it talks of Sarah’s demise. You can see her lying in a morgue as she’s ready to meet an angel. That means she’s willing to surrender from earthly pleasures to lead a holy life. On the other hand, some people argue that she walked out of a toxic relationship and has met a new lover. Whatever the interpretations meted on this 1990 pop song, we can’t help but marvel at the exciting twists. Listen to this song to set you in the mood for new love

2. “Surrender” by Kut Klose

Our number two song is “Surrender” by Kut Klose. Klose sings about two lovers trying to show their love for each other. The strangest part is they are too shy to tell each other the truth. Sometimes, it takes to allow your lover to listen to such lyrics if you’re too shy. In the long run, you both win because you complement each other in every way. Listen to this as a soothing call by your lover.

1. “Surrender” by Trixter

They say, “If you love someone, let them go. They were meant for you”. Nevertheless, it’s not easy letting go of someone you love, so you keep fighting. We ranked the song “Surrender” by Trixter number one because it defies all odds to ensure lovers fight for their love. But if the worst comes to worst, letting go by surrendering is the only remedy to this predicament. Listen to this song to uplift your spirits.

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