The 10 Best Conway Twitty Songs of All-Time

Conway Twitty

Music is subjective, and the world of popular music is even more subjective. Opinions can be found everywhere about everything. It takes a certain kind of song to be able to transcend the feelings of its audience, creating a timeless message that will remain with people for their entire lifetimes. Conway Twitty is a country music legend, and he had some incredible songs that remain relevant today. The following are some of the best Conway Twitty songs of all time.

10. The Games That Daddies Play


The song was released in 1971, and it was the first of many hits that Conway Twitty would have on this list. It tells the story of a little boy who struggles with acceptance from other classmates because of his father’s profession. Ultimately, the child learns that he doesn’t have to be like anyone else because his father is proud of him. It was a theme that Conway Twitty would often use in his material, using a simple story to paint a beautiful picture. The song is full of the imagery that is expected of a country song, making it one of Conway Twitty’s finest.

9. Slow Hand


Slow Hand was the first of two number one songs on this list for Conway Twitty. The song was released in 1981 and it quickly became a country music standard. Conway Twitty won several major awards for the song, including a Grammy and an ACM award. The song was heralded by critics for its unique lyrics and incredible vocals. It helped to set the stage for Conway Twitty’s continued success throughout the rest of the 1980s and beyond.

8. Hello Darlin’


Hello, Darlin’ was Conway Twitty’s first number one song, and it remained in the top spot on the charts for over an entire year. It was released in 1970, and it’s considered one of his signature songs to this day. The song “Hello Darlin” is an ode to the end of a relationship, but it works within Conway Twitty’s signature style. The song is about ending things on good terms, and it’s a charming way for Conway to show


7. I’d Love To Lay You Down


I’d Love To Lay You Down is the perfect Conway Twitty song to end on. The lyrics are sweet, charming, and they’re downright adorable. “I love you so much it hurts my heart” may be one of the corniest lines in country music history, but that’s what makes the song so great. It became another number one hit for Twitty, and it’s one of his best songs.

6. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man


The song was Conway Twitty’s third number-one single, and it remains a radio staple to this day. It was released in 1973, and the lyrics were so good that George Jones re-recorded the song several years later as Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man. Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn wrote the song together, and it’s their best collaboration to date. The song was a perfect showcase of Conway Twitty’s smooth vocals, making it another highlight in his career.

5. I Can’t Love You Enough


Conway Twitty was an incredible singer, but he could also write some pretty powerful lyrics. The ballad I Can’t Love You Enough is one of the most emotional songs that Twitty ever released, and it’s another example of his skills as a songwriter. It was another number one hit for Conway Twitty, and it remains one of his most beloved songs to this day. It’s no wonder it was so popular, as the lyrics are simple but effective.

4. I’d Rather Love You


I’d Rather Love You is Conway Twitty’s most underrated song. It wasn’t a number one hit, and that may have been why it didn’t receive the recognition that it deserved upon its release in 1989. The song is full of incredible lyrics and Conway Twitty has the performance of a lifetime. It’s one of his most powerful songs, and it showcases just how talented he was as a singer and songwriter.

3. Linda On My Mind


Linda on my Mind is one of Conway Twitty’s best singles about unrequited love. The duet with Loretta Lynn doesn’t have a happy ending, with the narrator saying that he can’t get over his last love. The song was another number one hit for Conway Twitty and it became immensely popular among country music fans. It’s yet another example of how talented Twitty was as a singer and writer.

2. You’ve Never Been This Far Before


Conway Twitty’s songs are all about love, heartbreak, sorrow, longing for a lost love, and so many other topics. You’ve Never Been This Far Before is another romantic classic that Twitty released in 1980. The lyrics are clever and the song sees Conway Twitty at his best. It was another major hit for him, making it yet another great song that showed off his musical talents. It truly struck a chord with country music fans everywhere, making it one of his most beloved songs to date. The song is about falling head over heels in love

1. Crazy In Love


Crazy in Love is Conway Twitty’s majestic duet with Loretta Lynn. The two sing about the highs and lows of love, but they do it in such a romantic way that you can’t help but be enthralled. The song was another number one hit for Conway Twitty and it’s a perfect way to showcase his talents as a singer and songwriter. It made him one of the biggest stars in country music, and it’s a true classic that you won’t forget. It thrilled country music fans everywhere, and it’s the perfect example of Conway Twitty at his best.


Conway Twitty has a lot of great songs, so it’s hard to choose the ten best. That being said, these ten songs are our choices for the best Conway Twitty songs of all time. They’re some of his most beloved hits, and they showcase how talented he was as a singer and songwriter. It truly makes us miss this legend, as we listen to his music today.

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