The 10 Best of David Foster Songs of All Times

David Foster

David Foster is a Canadian musician, composer, arranger, and producer who has had an illustrious career in the music industry. He has won 16 Grammys for his work with other artists, and he has been inducted into the elite Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. The following blog post will celebrate David Foster’s best songs from his career over the past 40 years.

10. Call Me Irresponsible

This song is a fun one about how Love can make someone irresponsible. David Foster was trying to show that sometimes in life, you just need something or somebody, and they’re willing to do anything including being unapologetically reckless with their time, money, and even themselves for the sake of what makes them happy. It’s this kind of selflessness that the person in “Call Me Irresponsible” is singing about.

9. Never Enough

This song is a very emotional and touching one, as it talks about how someone felt alone. They went through some tough times in life that made them feel lonely until they found the person who helped them become happier and better because now, they have somebody to help them get by.

8. After All Love Is Gone

According to Wikipedia, “After All love is gone” is a song by David Foster about how he has to go on without the person who was his “other half.” He says that for now– despite their Love and all of the beautiful memories they have together– it’s time for him to start living again.

It might seem hard in the beginning, but with time, everything will get easier. The lyrics for the song, After All, are: “I’m going to live now, I have so much left to give/There’s joy in knowing that you’re living with me still.” It implies a promise between lovers. The music is very upbeat and happy, which contrasts how sad it sounds when he sings about not having his Love.

7. To Love You More

This song is about a girl who feels like her family does not appreciate her. She asks, “How do I live one more time to hold you near?” which means that the only way for her to feel loved would be if he came back from death one more time and could hug or touch his daughter again. According to, it’s a touching song that many people can relate to. It’s a very touching song for those who’ve lost someone.

6. The Best of me

The Next Best Thing is a song that talks about how he’s not looking for another love, but instead, just someone to spend time with. He says, ‘woman, I’m finding you’re the next best thing’ which means that Woman has become his new friend and this person will be there when no one else would or could.

5. For Love

For Love is a song that talks about the fact that he sings songs because it’s all, he knows how to do. It reminds us of our first loves and people who have gone, but he also mentions some memories with his children, which makes you feel like these are happy moments in life–even if they’re not perfect.

5. The Prayer

The prayer is a song that deals with forgiveness and unconditional Love. This song talks about how there will always be another day for you to become better in life, which gives people hope even when they are at their lowest point because it means there is always something positive to look forward too-a second chance.

3. All-Time High

It’s an upbeat, hopeful tune that talks about how he wants to feel an all-time high with his ex-girlfriend instead of being alone. He opens up by saying, “I’m not going anywhere,” which sets off the song’s tone. This is one of those songs that if you’re feeling down or just in a situation with someone who has been cheating on, this will be good to listen to because it’s light and can help change your mood. The lyrics are deep, but they also talk about how he wants her back, so there is hope for the future. This song is about someone who has been cheated on, and it’s an upbeat, hopeful tune that talks about how he wants to feel all-time high with his ex-girlfriend as opposed to being alone. He opens up by saying “I’m not going anywhere,” which sets off the tone of the song.

2. I will remember you

What makes this song so good is that it tells a really beautiful and emotional story in just four minutes, without any filler or repetition of lyrics. According to, the lyrics talk about reflecting on memories with someone who has died and remembered all the things they did together.

This song is about a person reflecting on their memories with someone who has recently died and remembering all of the things they both used to do together. It’s essentially a message for them, telling them how much she misses him and wishes she could see him again so that he knows just how important he was to her.

The lyrics talk about memories and having a conversation with the person who has died when they’re not there anymore. “I can’t believe you left me,” he sings. “Please don’t let this be goodbye.” This song is so sad because it talks about that feeling of emptiness after someone dies.

1. St Elmos Fire Theme

And there you have it.

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