The 10 Best Fabulous Thunderbirds Songs of All-Time

The Fabulous Thunderbirds came into existence in the mid-1970s. They are somewhat well-known, though they have never reached the same commercial heights as their more successful counterparts. Despite this, the Fabulous Thunderbirds are still making music in modern times. Interested individuals should know the band’s lineup has seen extensive changes. The frontman Kim Wilson is the one constant throughout, thus providing it with continuity.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Fabulous Thunderbirds songs ever released:

10. “Why Get Up”

“Why Get Up” is a song from Tuff Enough. As a result, it is overshadowed by its album-mates. Still, “Why Get Up” is worth listening to, if only because of its novelty. For those curious, the song expresses a sense of total defeat from someone crushed by the world. His exact catalog of woes is unclear. However, what is revealed is bad enough.

For example, the narrator is overweight, so much so that he needs to lose some before his doctor is forced to operate on him. Similarly, the narrator has lost his legal battle with his ex-wife, so much so that he won’t even be able to hold onto his garden hose. These things make it easy to understand why he has given up in preference for dreaming about something more pleasant.

9. “Rock With Me”

Speaking of which, the Fabulous Thunderbirds have released their fair share of fun songs. For instance, “Rock With Me” might not have the most sophisticated lyrics ever penned. Even so, it more than lives up to the expectations set by its name, meaning it is an excellent choice of music for people in the right mood.

8. “I Believe I’m In Love With You”

“I Believe I’m In Love With You” was released in 1981. That means it predates the Fabulous Thunderbirds reaching the peak of their career. Once again, it is neither particularly novel nor particularly clever. Fortunately, it is performed with enough skill and energy to make it enjoyable.

7. “Knock Yourself Out”

“Knock Yourself Out” is from Powerful Stuff in 1989. It was never as high-profile as the title track. Despite that, it is one of the more notable songs from an album with a decent reception. Something that didn’t happen through pure coincidence. The Fabulous Thunderbirds had a taste for love songs. “Knock Yourself Out” is a later example, meaning it had more expertise and experience put into its making.

6. “Can’t Tear It Up Enuff”

T-Bird Rhythm isn’t one of the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ more successful albums. After all, Chrysalis dropped the band after it came out, which says much about its opinion of the band’s trajectory. Since the Fabulous Thunderbirds has continued releasing music, interested individuals might assume that T-Bird Rhythm wasn’t wholly without merit. If so, they would be right, as shown by “Can’t Tear It Up Enuff.” Simply put, this is a very exuberant song well-suited for people looking to squeeze as much enjoyment out of the situation as possible.

5. “Walkin’ to My Baby”

There are countless love songs. Thanks to that, there are countless ways artists have tried to express the strength of that sentiment through their music. “Walkin’ to My Baby” stands out surprisingly well in this regard. Traveling long distances to see loved ones is an often-used trope for these things. Still, going as far as to walk on blisters gives the whole thing a certain degree of conviction that serves to sell.

4. “Powerful Stuff”

As mentioned earlier, “Powerful Stuff” was the most notable track from the album of the same name. That said, it achieved most of its success because of its inclusion on the Cocktail soundtrack rather than the album of the same name. For those curious, the movie starred Tom Cruise as a bartender who made some serious mistakes but still managed to find love and fulfill career goals by the end. The critics hated the movie. Even so, Cocktail is a classic example of a movie on which critics and consumers diverge because it made $171.5 million on a $20 million budget. Unsurprisingly, that boosted the songs on the soundtrack, including the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ “Powerful Stuff.”

3. “Twist of the Knife”

“Twist of the Knife” is a song in which the narrator expresses his thoughts on his current relationship. Given the name, interested individuals should have no problem guessing that he isn’t exactly 100 percent satisfied with what is happening. After all, “Twist of the Knife” goes beyond a metaphorical stabbing. The funny thing is that the narrator hasn’t reached the point where he is looking to break up because he is too enamored by his significant other. Still, it is hard to say how everything will turn out because everything is constantly in flux.

2. “Wrap It Up”

“Wrap It Up” is one of the songs from Tuff Enuff. It has a strong claim to being one of the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ most famous songs ever released. That is because it reached the number 50 position in the United States, meaning it soared higher than all but one of their other singles. There is a reason why “Wrap It Up” proved so popular. If people have the slightest interest in the Fabulous Thunderbirds, this should be considered one of the entries on their must-listen list.

1. “Tuff Enuff”

That said, there can be no doubt that “Tuff Enuff” stands head and shoulders over the rest of the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ work. It was a Top Ten Hit in the United States, meaning it was the band’s most popular release by a wide margin. Moreover, the song made it into the Top 20s in other countries, thus making it clear that its success was no fluke.

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