10 Awesome Country Songs about Growing Up

Reba McEntire

Country music is well renowned for its storytelling and the process of growing up is a commonly covered topic. There is no shortage of songs that address this aspect of life. With so many to choose from, the hardest part for us was narrowing down our selections.

We tried our absolute best to come up with the ten best country songs about growing up. We hope you love reading this list as much as we loved making it:

10. George Strait – Check Yes Or No

This one is sure to strike a chord for anyone who ever passed a note to their crush in school. We’ve all been there before, right? You pass a note to the girl or boy that you like and you ask them to check the box that corresponds with their feelings. In this version, Strait even takes this concept one step further.

The boy in his song is a third-grader who is head over heels for one of his classmates. He passes her one of the aforementioned notes and things blossom from there. They even grow up to get married! How can you not love a song that has such a happy ending?

9. Gary Allan – Tough Little Boys

Fathers everywhere have to love this song because it is the perfect description of how every young man evolves. When you are a little boy, the temptation is to pretend that nothing bothers you. Watching sad movies? No problem. Taking a punch? Anyone can do it, do not worry about me.

However, Allan is sure to discuss how all of that changes once those tough little boys grow up to have sons of their own. All of that tough guy stuff goes right out the window once it is your little boy who is growing up and getting married! It is a heartfelt tune that is sure to touch the heart of any parent.

8. Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me

For those who have really strong ties to their childhood residences, this is one that is really going to hit home…literally. Lambert writes the song from the perspective of a grown woman who is telling the story through the memories of the home that she grew up in.

We love this one because of the attention to detail. She talks about the place where she did her homework and even the spot in the backyard where the family dog was buried. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a visit to anyone’s childhood home.

7. Trace Adkins – Then They Do

Adkins has a number of songs about growing up and it was tough to choose the best one. This one fits the bill for a number of reasons, though. It perfectly encapsulates the feelings parents have when they wish for their little ones to grow up.

Sure, it would be nice for life to settle down a bit, but what happens when they are grown? Adkins’ classic song captures the emotions that parents feel once their children have left the nest and life begins to slow down a bit.

6. Kenny Chesney – Don’t Blink

Chesney’s ode to the importance of savoring the moments resonates for everyone, whether you are 6 or 60. Kids often wish that they could be adults and before they know it, they end up getting their wish. Time has a way of passing really quickly.

Don’t blink or time has a way of flying by quicker than you realize. One day, you are a little kid with few worries to consider. The next, you are married with little ones of your own to look after! All it takes is the blink of an eye…

5. Sugarland – Baby Girl

The fact that the little girl in this song keeps referring to herself as her parents’ “baby girl” is enough to bring tears to even the most jaded eyes. It’s the type of song that is sure to hit you square in the feelings zone every single time.

It tells the story of a little girl who grows up dreaming of stardom. One day, she leaves her parents’ home to pursue her goals but she never loses sight of the people who love her most. Even as an adult, she is still their “baby girl”.

4. Carrie Underwood – All American Girl

All American Girl provides the listener with an up-close look at the journey of a new father and his little girl. Like many dads, he was wishing for a little boy at first. Of course, it is not long before he forgets all about that.

She becomes his everything. Eventually, she grows up and marries a man who hopes to have his own All American Girl. It’s a familiar story for any listener, as Underwood lays out each step of the journey to perfection.

3. The Chicks – Landslide

While this song was originally written back in 1975, The Chicks provided their own spin on the classic 27 years later. The original song wasn’t a country tune but their remake proved to be a boon to the genre. It covers the age-old topics of growing up and deciding to follow a dream.

We all have an inner child and Landslide speaks directly to that aspect of each of us. As we grow older, more and more changes start to take place. It can be tough to navigate the aging process and this song speaks directly to those challenges.

2. Taylor Swift – The Best Day

No list of this nature would be complete without T-Swift and The Best Day is her best song when it comes to growing up. The picture that she paints on this one is so idyllic. She really takes us back to the good old days when we could spend all day with our mothers, with zero worries.

At first, she takes us back to when she was just five years old and zooming around the pumpkin patch. Time passes, as it has a way of doing, and then she is a teenager. She continues to grow up throughout the song but she is sure to let her mother know the importance that she holds. Their days together were her best ones.

1. Reba McEntire – He Gets That From Me

Single mothers everywhere identify closely with this one. It’s a tearjerker for anyone who grew up without a parent. Reba tells the story of her son and how he is still a lot like his father, despite the fact that he is not a part of his son’s life.

The little boy in this song is still able to grow, mature and have a great childhood without his father by his side. He may still have his father’s sense of humor and crooked smile but everything else? He got that from Reba, of course.

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