Ranking All The Songs from The Mamma Mia Soundtrack

Mamma Mia

As far as musicals are concerned, there are some that just stand out more than others. One of the more popular examples includes a standout jukebox musical from 2008, “Mamma Mia.” Of course, a musical is only as good as its soundtrack, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, the entire musical takes the iconic music of ABBA and puts a new twist on it, using the songs to move the story forward. Of course, the cast of the film does the singing, giving many old favorites a fresh feel. The film’s soundtrack includes 18 songs. They’re all ranked here from worst to best. If you’re curious, click on the YouTube link for each song and allow yourself to be transported to a small island in Greece.

18. Voulez-Vous (Stellan Skarsgard, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Philip Michael)


Without a doubt, this is one of the livelier songs in the group. That’s really saying something when you consider the fact that there are several songs here that are capable of getting the blood pumping. This particular entry serves as a very good party song, which just so happens to be the same type of scene the song is used for in the film.

17. Thank You for the Music (Amanada Seyfried)


In contrast to the above entry, this particular song is much slower in nature. It’s not really a melancholy song, but it’s done at a much slower pace than many of the other songs on the soundtrack. As such, it can sometimes feel a bit sad even if it’s not intended to be that way.

16. Lay All Your Love on Me (Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper)


As you might have guessed, this is a love song between the two people that are planning on getting married in the film. Not surprisingly, both of those individuals sing the song throughout the scene. Just as the name implies, the song is all about love.

15. I Have a Dream (Amanda Seyfried)


This is a sweet and rather slow-paced song that deals with wanting something better for the future, all while remembering to enjoy the moment. It’s fairly slow, as previously mentioned. That makes it feel distinctly different from most of the other songs on the soundtrack. However, it actually has a very hopeful, almost wistful tone to it.

14. When All Is Said and Done (Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan)


This is definitely not the happiest song on the soundtrack. It deals with lost love as well as feeling the pain of that loss for years and years. It’s a song about not harboring ill feelings toward someone when things don’t work out. Sadly, it’s also about learning to live with a broken heart.

13. Our Last Summer (Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep)


As you have probably already guessed from the title, this is a song about having that summer fling that so many people dream of having. It’s upbeat and happy in nature, just as you would believe that type of relationship to be.

12. The Name Of the Game (Amanda Seyfried)


This song deals with learning to “play the game” of juggling relationships and all the potential issues that come with having them. It’s unfortunate to think that any relationship involves the use of “games” in order to manipulate someone, but it does happen. That is precisely what is discussed in the lyrics to this song.

11. Slipping Through My Fingers (Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried)


This song will make you cry, especially if you have someone in your life that fits the description in the lyrics. It’s about watching someone you love grow and blossom into their own person. However, it’s also about the loss you experience when they no longer need you by their side all the time.

10. The Winner Takes It All (Meryl Streep)


This is another song that deals with relationships, but it talks about how there often seems to be a clear winner (and a clear loser) in many of these relationships. At its core, it’s a song about losing someone because if differences that just can’t be sorted out.

9. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

(Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Lilley, Rachel McDowall)


This is a fun song that talks about wanting to find a man to have some fun with. It’s lively and extremely fast-paced, effectively setting the tone for the next scene in the film. It’s also plenty of fun to listen to in its own right.

8. Money, Money, Money (Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Meryl Streep)


Here, you have a song about never having enough money and always wanting more. The lyrics discuss all the things one could do if there was a never-ending supply of cash to keep it all going.

7. Take A Chance On Me (Colin Firth, Stellan Skaarsgard, Christine Baranski)


This is another relationship song, but it’s told in a slightly different way. It deals with two people who may have a few trust issues they need to work through. In the song, one of those people is asking the other to trust him, have some faith, and take a chance.

6. The Name Of The Game (Amanda Seyfried)


Here is another song about playing games with people’s emotions. It’s not the only song on the soundtrack that deals with referring to love as nothing more than a game. When you stop and think about it, it’s a bit sad that things can accurately be told in this manner.

5. SOS (Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan)


This is a love song too, but it’s told in a fun, cheeky way. It’s one of the more fast-paced songs on the soundtrack. For some reason, it tends not to be a fan favorite at the first listen, but then it grows on you after you’ve had a chance to sit with it for a while.

4. Honey, Honey (Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McDowall)


This is one of the liveliest songs on the soundtrack. It’s all about learning to appreciate the people you have in your life, especially when it comes to love interests. It’s fun and easy to sing, making it a favorite for many fans.

3. Dancing Queen (Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters)


Who doesn’t love this song? It’s not only associated with the film, but also with an entire generation of music fans. It’s still a go-to song for those who love to sing and dance. In fact, many would argue that it’s just as relevant today as it’s ever been.

2. Mamma Mia (Meryl Streep)


Here, you have the title song of the film. It’s such an incredibly fun song to hear, with plenty of energy and a catchy tune that tends to stick with you for some time after you hear it.

1. Does Your Mother Know (Christine Baranski, Philip Michael)


It’s easy to understand why this one ended up in the number one slot. It’s a fun song but the movie makes it even more so. It’s all about having some fun with someone, but not allowing the “relationship” to go too far, largely because the person in question is far too young for such things.

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