10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lul Tim

Lul Tim

Lul Tim is an American rapper who has been in the news for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of rapper King Von. Lul Tim has been at the center of multiple reports that he was also shot dead in 2021. Rumors circulated over social media and music news channels since Lul Tim’s arrest and subsequent release from jail. The rapper has gained more attention for his scrapes with law enforcement than he has for his music over the past year. We followed up to learn more about what is currently known about Lul Tim researching his history, career, and personal life, and made some interesting discoveries. Here are 10 things you may not already know about Lul Tim.

1. Lul Tim is just his stage name

Lul Tim is the stage name for the famous or perhaps now infamous celebrity personality. His real name is Timothy Leeks. He was born in the state of Georgia on September 1, 1998. He is currently 23 years old. Mr. Leeks was raised in the Savannah, Georgia area where he attended Jenkins High School. He graduated in 2016, according to Famous Birthdays.

2. He was a football player

Lul Tim was an athletic kid. He enjoyed playing football with his friends when he was younger. He also became a member of the varsity team at Jenkins High School.

3. He was arrested for suspicion of murder

According to Revolt, Lul Tim was arrested the day after the killing of rapper King Von. He was alleged to have shot and killed King Von after the two got into a disagreement that turned into a full-blown altercation. Leeks spent two weeks in police custody and was then transferred to the Fulton County Jail.

4. Lul Tim was shot in Atlanta

Lul Tim was shot while outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge. Even though he and three others were shot, he was not killed in the fractus. He spent nearly two weeks at Grady Hospital until his gunshot wound healed before being transferred to the county jail. He was 22 years old at the time of the shooting.

5. He is persistent

It took Leeks three attempts to have his bond approved so he could get released from jail. His first two appeals for the bond were denied. In the state of Georgia, murder is a non-bondable offense, and it is what Lul Tim was formally charged with. He didn’t take no for an answer. He filed two appeals which were denied but was successful in securing bail on the third attempt. He was released from jail on a $100,000 bond. After reviewing his previous history with the courts it was deemed that Lul Tim was likely a good candidate for the bond since he didn’t have any prior charges on his record. It took a bit of perseverance on his part but he didn’t give up until he got what he was after.

6. Lul Tim was gravely injured the night of the Von King killing

According to News Nation USA, Lul Tim got shot the night of the Von King murder. His injuries were so grave that he spent nearly two weeks in the hospital. Lul Tim posted a video that shows him sporting a colostomy bag after the incident. Tim was shot by the police after they arrived on the scene of the Von King shooting. The shots fired into Tim caused damage to his lower bowel. It is unclear if the injuries will cause permanent damage. It’s unknown if he will one day be free of the colostomy bag.

7. He’s been arrested again

HNHH reported in September of 2021 that Timothy Leeks got arrested a second time. This time it was for a variety of different charges not related to the Von King murder. Records from Chatham County show that Tim ran a stop sign, made an illegal turn at an intersection, was speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, and was following other cars too closely. These were just a few of the less damning charges he faced. The others are a bit more severe. He also fled from the police. He has charges of obstruction, reckless driving, and there are other charges not disclosed.

8. Lul Tim has not been heard from

It’s been a while since Lul Tim fans have heard from him. He hasn’t made any recent posts on social media. Many believe that Lul Tim is probably still in jail from his most recent arrest that involved a series of traffic violations and fleeing from police. He racked up a slew of new charges when he broke the law while out of jail on bond.

9. His life has taken a turn for the worse

From all appearances, Lul Tim’s life and career have recently taken a sharp turn for the worse. The murder charges in the death of Von King are still pending. No more news has been released about the case so far, but he will still face charges for the killing he remains accused of committing. It looks like he is probably still in jail for the reckless driving charges from the latter part of September. Lul Tim isn’t getting attention for his music these days but rather for criminal activities.

10. His future is up in the air

It is still unknown whether hip hop star Lul Tim, aka Timothy Leeks, will be convicted of the murder of King Von. He faces separate charges for a series of traffic violations that emerged from one night of reckless driving and eluding the cops. He was out on bail but managed to end up in custody again. It is unknown what will happen to the young rapper. He could face a lengthy prison sentence if convicted of King Von’s murder, and fans may never see him perform again. It’s still up in the air.

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