10 Things You Didn’t About Kash Doll

Kash Doll

Kash Doll is a famous American rapper and actor. Her lifestyle before coming to the limelight is interesting and one to learn a lot from. Read on to find out things you didn’t know about the rapper.

1. Personal Bio

Arkeisha Knight, popularly known as Kash Doll, is an American rapper and actress. She was born on the 14th of March 1992 in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States of America and raised in the same place. She is an African-American. The 29-year-old rapper’s zodiac sign is Pisces, while her height is 5’6″, equivalent to168 cm. She’s famous for her rap and her ‘bad girl’ attitude. Her CV shows that she has indulged in different jobs, from a stripper to an actress and many more.

2. Early Life

Kash went through a very rough time when she was growing up. For instance, she lost her dad when she was only one year old. She never had a chance to feel his love or even know him well. She had a void that only her biological father could fill. Her mother remarried after the death of her father. Life with her stepfather was horrible and traumatizing as he would always shout at Kash’s mother, and they would always fight. She is the firstborn in a family of six siblings. While in school, she was constantly teased by other kids, which made her develop insecurities, masked later with the bad girl image. Despite all she went through, she was among the most popular girls in her school. Even as a young girl, Kash dreamt of being a rapper.

3. Dropping Out Of School

According to TSR, Kash was expelled from Henry Ford High School because of bad behavior. This is probably because of the impact her childhood life had on her. She was sent to Detroit City High School, where she graduated. She began hustling her way in life even before finishing high school. She would do odd jobs, such as being a janitor at Ford Field. She also worked as a babysitter. She loved writing poetry which was a foundation to her rap career. She was also employed at Made Chip Factory, Best Buy, and Little Caesar’s Pizza. She did all this to support her family.

4. Making Thousands as an Exotic Dancer

In an interview with The Fader, Kash states how she made more than twenty-six thousand dollars in one night by being a stripper. She would rap and be a stripper in a local strip club. She describes how she made so much money that she carried it in huge garbage sacks, and she could not believe it. She worked as a stripper for one year and later on decided to venture into the modeling industry. After this, she pursued her dream of becoming a rapper.

5. Kash’s love life

Kash has been reported to have dated some big names in the rap industry. Some of the men she has had love relationships with are French Montana, Pardison Fontaine, Big Shawn, Trouble, and Troy Lanez. According to several sources, Kash has a new man named Tracy T. Tracy T posted a video of himself and Kash having a meal with some of their friends on a boat. After people raised eyebrows concerning Tracy’s and Kash’s relationship. Kash confirmed the relationship by posting it on her Instagram channel. Tracy T’s real name is Tracy Richardson. According to HITC, Richardson is an American rapper native of Decatur Georgia.

6. Beginning Her Career

After making a reasonable amount from her work as a stripper and a model, Kash decided to dive into her long-term dream of being a rapper. Her career began when she released a remix of the song 2 On. She dropped her first single, ” Run Me My Money,” which attracted a lot of attention and made her first gig in 2014 in the Detroit area. She was also a dancer at one time.

7. The Peak of Her Career

She hit sky waves when she released her mixtape titled K.R.E.A.M in 2015. She later got a contract with BMB Records. After some time, Kash released another mixtape titled ” Keisha vs. Kash Doll,” where she collaborated with other artists such as Lyrica Anderson, London Jay, and Trina. She even performed at one time alongside Drake during his Summer 16 tour. Her fan base has grown over the years. Fans are expecting much from her.

8. The beef between Her and Cardi B

After Cardi B won the Spirit of Detroit award for her Bodak Yellow song, Kash went on to her Instagram to lash out that Cardi did not deserve the award. Kash was nominated for the award but missed the chance to get it. But the beef began when YG did a song with Cardi instead of Kash and even deleted the parts with Kash’s song.

9. Kash Doll Arrested and Jailed

Kash confessed on social media that she was in jail. This was after she and her siblings ganged up and fought her sister’s boyfriend, who they claimed had beaten her sister to the point of blackening her eye. Before the incident, Kash had generously accommodated her sister and boyfriend for eight months in her Atlanta home after the sister gave birth. The man was jobless and did nothing. Kash provided all their needs. During the trial, Kash was given 9 months of anger management and probation. Her sister’s boyfriend insisted that the judge would have given Kash 12 months instead, but this did not happen.

10. The issue with a Racist Coronavirus meme

There have been many insensitive and xenophobic comments and memes against the Asian community during the coronavirus period. Kash had posted a meme with Disney princesses. They were all wearing masks except for Mulan. The meme had the text,” Sorry, MULAN, but you never know. ” There were many outbursts on the post from Kash. Later on, she apologized for the post and said she had no evil intent.

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