What Really Happened to Chicago Rapper King Yella?

King Yella

Most rappers don’t seem to have their life together and are ever waging war against anyone who spites them. Even the slightest altercation has left most lying in the streets, dead or fighting for their lives; if they get to live another day, revenge becomes their sole mission.

Confucius advised us that before we embark on a journey of revenge, we must dig two graves, but the rappers do not mind dying. Chicago rapper King Yella is among those artists who never have enough scandals; if he is not beefing with a fellow rapper over a woman, he claims that others are out to kill him.

Sometimes, he even threatens to kill them, ironically saying that he wishes the youth would get it together and stop senseless killings. Well, that is King Yella for you so let’s delve deeper into what happened to him.

Becoming a Regular Guest of the State

According to VladTV, when Yella was 23, he was already facing up to 30 years in prison. The article does not say precisely why the rapper was in jail, but he claimed that he had been arrested on bogus charges.

He said the only reason he was in jail was that police had a bogus case against him, but it was dropped during the preliminary hearing because there was no evidence. Yella then added that because he was already on parole, he had to serve more time.

That explanation became the start of many, as Yella always tried to shift blame and maintain an innocent look for his fans. It was not long before it was reported once again that he had been sentenced to 28 years.

For someone who claimed the bogus charges had been dropped and he was only extending his sentence due to violating his parole, the time he spent in jail raised eyebrows. As always, Yella had an explanation for everything, but he had been arrested for a violation.

Only a Cover?

However, the rapper insisted that the federal charges brought against him were only a cover. The truth is that the Migos were afraid for their lives, worrying that Yella was out to get them.

He explained that the Migos had therefore had him locked up for their own safety. The rapper has been a regular guest of the state, so prison does not scare him; he even takes time updating his fans of the current arrests.

In February 2018, he was jailed, but after posting a $12,000 bond was released and shared video footage of himself walking out of jail. It did not take a month before he was back in, but he said he would soon be out.

The rapper’s reasons for his arrest remain unknown, but Yella shouted that they were messing with the wrong person and reassured his fans he would be released soon.

He Has a Taste for Blood

It would appear that Yella does not like peace and always looks for ways to stir up trouble. He released “Cardi B Truth”, in which he flaunts his intimate relationship with the female rapper, telling Offset to watch out because she slept with him.

He did not spare the details and even posted a picture of himself and Cardi B on the track’s cover art. Of course, Offset was furious about the track and confronted Yella, which it seemed the Chicago rapper was waiting for because he urged Offset to make the beef personal.

To provoke him further, Yella posted a screenshot of a Facetime conversation he had with Cardi B. Even before the dust had settled, there was yet another video in which Yella threatened to kill Grizzley, going as far as to swear on his mother that he would make good of the threat.

Grizzley had dissed FBG Brick, a Chicago rapper who died after being shot in broad daylight while shopping. Well, that was earlier in 2018, but by November, Yella was at it again, this time being arrested on multiple charges that included domestic abuse.

Evidently, besides verbal insults, the rapper proved he does not mind being physical hence the accusations of battery with strangulation, the threat of force and neglecting his baby. The mother of his child could not take it anymore and called the police to intervene, saying that Yella was endangering their baby.

Can He Turn Over a New Leaf?

In 2016, Yella was filming a “Black Lives Mater” video on South Wentworth Avenue when out of nowhere, bullets started flying, and he got shot. It was not a strange incident seeing that only a week before, seven people had been killed and 47 injured after another shooting in Windy City.

According to HipHop DX, Yella rushed to social media and, using his ever-profane language, recounted the incident to his fans. The rapper said that the devil was working through whoever tried to kill him, but he wished them all the best because they could not overcome God.

Yella added that the shooters could have shot him in the face, but they did not even hit his girlfriend, but bullets grazed her.

In 2014, he had revealed during an interview that most of the Chicago rappers put on charades. He said that all the violence in the streets was due to scared people, and they needed guns to protect themselves.

The Chicago rapper opined that black people killing each other was a ploy by the whites to finish off the black people. Therefore, it is no wonder that by 2018, he was asking for help to make Chicago youth better.

He launched a GoFund Me Campaign, hoping the funds donated would be enough to build a boys and girls club and equip it with a gym, game room, computer room and other amenities.

To him, it was the only way to stop the youth from joining gangs because everyone who used a gun was a coward. We only hope that he will have reformed by the time he gets out of prison.

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