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METALLICA Drummer Lars Ulrich Reveals His Dream Music Festival

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich reveals how should it be his dream music festival. He also talks about when is the rock’n’roll attitude on rock and metal music.

Lars is the well-known drummer and since plays with METALLICA in 1981. Sometimes he mentions for the early days on the band and rock’n’roll history. He interviews with The Guardian, and the reporter asked him about his dream fantasy festival, its lineup, the location, and other details. Ulrich also discussed his love for AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young and company.

During this appearance, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich talks about rock’n’roll history and his dream festival:

“I saw AC/DC with Bon Scott four times, opening for Black Sabbath and Rainbow and then playing their own shows in Copenhagen in 1977 and San Francisco in 1979, in my early teens. The energy was insane: Angus Young, guitar strutting across the stage, all guitar solos, sweat, hair, no shirt on and Bon Scott, also shirtless, tight jeans, the coolest frontman ever. To me, the definition of rock ‘n’ roll attitude is AC/DC in those formative years.”

Lars Ulrich also reveals five more acts:

“I would take Deep Purple in their vocalist Ian Gillan, and bassist Roger Glover,  also guitarist Ritchie Blackmore line-up from 1971 to 1973. Deep Purple in 1973 was the first concert I ever went to. I remember being taken aback by the spectacle of it all, Ritchie Blackmore twirling his guitar and playing it with his foot or his bum. They’d change the setlist and improvise and when they were on fire, they were otherworldly.

“I’m drawn to bands that are impulsive and about the moment, with an element of danger or unpredictability. Rage Against the Machine have that and when they get 50-70,000 people yelling, ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!’, it feels pretty real. While it usually lands in a safe spot, it always feels like it could completely go off at that moment.

“I’d also have Oasis in their heyday because you never knew what the mood would be like, what the temperature was going to be like between the brothers or who was going to walk off.

Guns N’ Roses at their most dangerous were unstoppable in a live situation. We toured with them in 1992 and I got the chance to watch them every night. A great, great band – it was one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I’ll throw some variance in now and have Bob Marley & The Wailers in the late-’70s era of ‘Babylon By Bus,’ for me one of the greatest live albums ever. The music seems to bring the band and audience together.”

For the location on this dream festival:

“To me, the idea of going to a festival starts with the journey, so I like the idea of a special destination. In 2013, we played in Antarctica – the METALLICA, crew, and audience all stayed on a Russian icebreaker and shared the same bar, so there was a real communal spirit. With that in mind, my fantasy festival would take place on Easter Island.

You could either go by boat, plane, or relocation pod, like in ‘Star Trek.’ (TV Series) I’ve never been but I love the ancient head statues and to journey there with a bunch of like-minded people would be incredible.”

He also reveals how would the foods be:

“Is there any better festival food than Mediterranean/Middle Eastern? My wife is vegan and I’m vegetarian and we had it at our wedding – it’s absolutely our favorite food.

The great thing about kebabs, falafels, and hummus is that you can stuff your face and walk with it without it falling apart or dripping all over your shoes. You’ve got to remember these things.”

Watch the latest #MetallicaMondays video below.

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