The 10 Best Steve Lacy Songs of All Time

Steve Lacy is a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist who remained anonymous for a long time. He played gigs and even executively produced an album that was nominated for a Grammy while still in high school. Still, he was not interested in pursuing a solo career after resting in the comfort zone of a band, The Internet, as the lead guitarist.

However, once the band members started pursuing solo careers, Lacy followed in their footsteps. The sky is the limit for this singer, who boldly confessed that death motivates him to get out of bed every morning. He has released several albums, and here is a look at some of the best Steve Lacy songs of all time.

10. Like Me

Most people struggle with sexual identity. In a world that is not so accepting of the LGBTQ community, coming out has been challenging. It was also for Lacy, so he told Dazed that “Like Me” was his essay but in the form of a song. He wonders how many people out there are like him, struggling with self-acceptance. Some are scared to lose their friends and be disowned by their families. It is a song fans can relate to on different levels, not just with sexual identity crises.

9. Helmet

They say you can lie down for people to walk on you, and they will complain that you are not flat enough. Sometimes, this scenario happens in relationships, as Lacy informs us. From the lyrics, he is singing from the point of view of someone who gave his all to a person. Unfortunately, this person took it for granted, and Lacy had to let her go. He is tired of love harassing him, so he has decided to wear a helmet around his heart to protect it from heartbreak.

8. Mercury

To Adele, love is a game; to Lacy, it is one he never wins, so he is almost giving up on playing. The singer appears to be torn between believing in love one more time or calling it quits. To him, although there is a bit of heaven in the relationship, there is still some depression he has to cope with and other unpleasantness. He misses his object of affection and loves her, but as he texts an apology, he wonders if it is worth going back to her.

7. Static

If you have ever broken up with someone and tried to move on too fast so that you do not feel the pain, Lacy wrote this song with you in mind. In his interview with W Magazine, the singer said the song is about going through a breakup and not ignoring the pain that comes with it. That is why he inserted the lyric about a new boyfriend filling the void. Most people prefer having rebound relationships instead of accepting heartache. They do not give themselves time to heal.

6. Playground

Lacy once confessed that he produced 90% of his sophomore album even though he wanted to have an executive producer. From the music video of “Playground,” we get a picture of Lacy doing it all – he is on the drums, the guitar, and even on the microphone. Lacy also talked about his inspiration for this song being Prince and Dirty Projections; it is evident from the Prince t-shirt Lacy wears while strumming the guitar. He said he wrote the riff during his Prince and Dirty Projections phase; after which the hook and verses came to him.

5. Sunshine

After breaking up with his boyfriend in August 2021, Lacy was inspired to do a breakup album hence most of his songs are about heartbreak, trying to move on, and the challenges. For instance, in this song, Lacy still misses his ex. In the first verse, he sings that his ex was wrong to let him go and he cannot be replaced no matter how much his ex tries to keep chasing other people to fill the void. All the same, Lacy would not mind giving his ex another chance at intimacy, or better still, they can get along as they once did.

4. C U Girl

When Lacy embarked on the “Give You the World” tour in October 2022 and performed at the Roadrunner in Boston, he had several songs on the setlist. However, the crowd was so energetic that he had to continue so during the encore, he performed “C U Girl” and “Dark Red.” His fans sang along to both songs which was expected given how catchy the lyrics are.

3. Infrunami

Lacy confessed that he penned the lyrics to this song when he was only 16 and never expected anything much from it. However, when he recorded his EP, “The Lo-Fis,” and released it in 2020, “Infrunami” captured people’s hearts. The EP comprised old demos and songs, with the singer explaining that his love for demos is because of their effectiveness in making people feel connected to his music. It is, therefore, no wonder that when he performed this song live, people sang along to it, impressing Lacy, who could barely sing it when he wrote it.

2. Dark Red

From all his songs, it seems that Lacy has had a rough romantic life. He told Neon Music that “Dark Red” is about him thinking that the girl he was with at the time was cheating on him. In the first line of the first verse, his paranoia comes out clearly when he says he can feel something bad is about to happen. At the back of his mind, he feels that he is about to lose his lover to someone else. As the song progresses, he wonders if he is wrong and maybe his paranoia is getting the better of him.

1. Bad Habit

The song topped the Billboard 100 chart, a major feat for Lacy since it was his first song to ever do so. Furthermore, it became the first song ever to top Hot R&B Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-hop Songs, and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs charts at the same time. It took months to perfect it because he was unsure of what he wanted the result to be. However, one day, after almost a year, it was ready to be released. The singer said everyone was open to interpreting it as they preferred, though, to him, it is about encouraging people to be more confident.

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