The 10 Best NBA Youngboy Songs of All-Time

NBA YoungBoy started his musical journey when he was just a teenager. Now, at 21 years old he is one of the hottest rappers of his generation. Although his music doesn’t always have the most commercial success, he has an extremely dedicated fan base that flocks to everything he puts out. His catalogue already boasts several gold and platinum singles and there’s no doubt he has plenty more where that came from. When it’s all said and done, NBA Youngboy will likely release more music than many other artists do in their lifetime. With so many songs to choose from, we thought it’d be best to narrow it down to some of his best. Keep reading to see our thoughts on the 10 best NBA YoungBoy songs of all time.

10. Dirty Iyanna


Inspired by NBA YoungBoy’s relationship with Iyanna Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather’s daughter), “Dirty Iyanna” is a unique kind of diss song. Sure, diss tracks are common in rap music, but they are typically aimed at other artists. The song is heavily influenced by Michael Jackson’s hit song “Dirty Diana” and although it’s different from YoungBoy’s usual sound, it gives listeners an interesting glimpse into his versatility and creativity.

9. Kacey Talk


One of the things that NBA YoungBoy’s fans seem to love about him, is the fact that he can be vulnerable with his music. “Kacey Talk” which is named after one of his children, is a great example of that. Although the song shows some moments of vulnerability, it also taps into a more aggressive side.

8. Hot Now


Sometimes artists have to remind people who they are, and “Hot Now” was one of NBA YoungBoy’s moments to do that. Although the song is short, NBA YoungBoy uses every second wisely. On the song he raps, “Baby girl, I need that fan ’cause I’m hot now (I need that fan)/Broke a** n***as with that playin’, they get shot down (That playin’)/Plenty money, b***h, come on my land, see what I got now”.

7. Lonely Child


“Lonely Child” is another example of how NBA YoungBoy likes to open up and get vulnerable in his music. Backed by a smooth beat, the overall mood of the song is somewhat sad. He raps about loved ones he’s lost, relationships that have ended, and being a father. Even though NBA YoungBoy’s reputation in the industry isn’t always the best, it’s songs like these that remind people that he’s a person just like the rest of us.

6. 38 Baby


NBA YoungBoy has often been criticized for his controversial lyrical content, and “38 Baby” is one of the songs that might rub some people the wrong way. However, if you look beneath the gun references and death threats, you’ll get to a song that is well put together. YoungBoy’s flow on the track is confident and smooth as he shares his experiences growing up in Louisiana.

5. Untouchable


If there’s one thing that NBA YoungBoy has constantly made clear in his music, it’s the fact that no one can touch him. With that being said, the song “Untouchable” is very on-brand. Surprisingly, though, YoungBoy doesn’t do much bragging on this song. Instead, he raps about how he came up in the game and how thankful he is for everything he’s accomplished.

4. All In


Lots of people in the entertainment have expressed how hard it can be to trust the people around them once they’ve reached a certain level of success. This is something that NBA YoungBoy often reflects on in his music. In the chorus, YoungBoy asks, “If I say how I feel, would you really listen?”. He also makes it known that once he knows he can trust, he’s all in.

3. No Smoke


Throughout his career, NBA YoungBoy has let the world know that he always has a gun on him and if push comes to shove, he isn’t afraid to use it. In “No Smoke” he reminds people that they don’t want any smoke with him, because the end result will likely not work out in their favor. Although he’s rapping about some pretty violent things, he finds a way to make it sound good.

2. Self Control


Something that really sets NBA YoungBoy apart from other people in the industry is that he hasn’t completely switched up his sound in favor of reaching a wider audience. Released in the fall of 2019, “Self Control” still sounds like the ‘old’ NBA YoungBoy that his fans know and love.

1. Outside Today


In most cases, an artist’s most popular song isn’t usually their best, but NBA YoungBoy definitely did his thing with “Outside Today”. The song is raw and authentic and also boasts a catchy chorus which we know is often the recipe for success in the music industry.

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